Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 223

Chapter 223 When Have They Ever Been On Good Terms?

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Young Master Yan left not because of his pride, but because he remembered how agonizing yesterday was. He immediately took a cold shower when he left their bedroom in the morning.

So he was determined that during the few days while Xuxu was ‘inconvenient’, he would be better off sleeping in the guest room. If not the consequences would be catastrophic! He might not be able to douse his burning desire.

He would wait until she was ready, and then he would torment her mercilessly.

He would make sure she didn’t have the spare energy or time to think of other men.

From Xuxu’s perspective of yesterday, Yan Rusheng’s command before he left was a favor. She was fretting over the possibility that Yan Rusheng wouldn’t allow her to return to work.

She had lost a lot of weight this month. And since she hardly went out, her appearance seemed rather frail and dispirited.

She selected a white sleeveless chiffon shirt and a pair of orange pants among the clothes that Yan Rusheng had bought for her. To look brighter and more fresh, she put on light makeup and tied her hair up.

She managed to attain her desired look.

When she entered the dining room, Yan Rusheng was eating his breakfast while reading a newspaper. His actions were graceful as he ate the food elegantly with his fork and knife.

He spotted Xuxu as she walked in, his eyes glancing casually at her. To his utmost surprise, he was greeted with such a lovely sight which lit up his eyes. His chewing paused momentarily as a result.

He stared at Xuxu in mild disbelief and infatuation.

“Good morning, President Yan.” Xuxu smiled daintily at Yan Rusheng.

President Yan…

Did she have to use such a formal title to address him?

Yan Rusheng’s face fell, and his demeanor turned cold. “Do you know what time it is now?”

After chiding her, he continued impatiently, “Hurry and eat your breakfast.”

He bent his head, speared a small piece of bacon with his fork and put it in his mouth. Slightly fuming with rage, he gritted his teeth, thinking that he had rather good taste.

Just see how good she looks in that outfit. She feels like a changed person, full of vitality and radiance.

No, it was because he knew her figure well. And he was aware of her measurements and the colors that complemented her.

Once he started visualizing her body, he couldn’t help remembering that wonderful sensation of touching her soft skin and found himself captivated by the memory.

His body, which had remained chaste for the last few years, began to writhe uncontrollably at the thoughts running in his mind.

He wondered if Jiang Zhuoheng had also felt the same intense, fiery desire for Xuxu when they were together…

Suddenly his face turned frigid, and he sneaked a peek at her.

How far exactly had she and Jiang Zhuoheng progressed in their relationship?

Wen Xuxu seemed to sense that he was looking at her, and she lifted her head. She caught his gaze in mid-air.

She bent her head once again when she noticed his hostile and sullen expression.

Obviously, she was clueless that the young master opposite her was teeming with jealousy. She assumed that he was just being his usual self and regarded her as an eyesore.

Both of them remained silent as they ate their breakfast.

Yan Rusheng drove the car out from the garage while Xuxu waited for him at the steps below the main doors. The car stopped right next to her.

Subconsciously she walked to the back of the car.

Yan Rusheng snarled angrily, “Do you intend to inform the entire company that we aren’t on good terms?”

Xuxu paused abruptly in her tracks. Right away, she understood.

However, in her heart, she silently derided him. When have they ever been on good terms?

Anyway, even if they weren’t, they had to consider the big picture. For fear of any consequences that might arise, they should act as loving newly-weds in front of outsiders.

She retracted her hand, and without a word, she went to the front passenger seat and sat inside.