Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Ill Allow You To Address Me As Hubby

Although they had scandals before, but to outsiders, there wasn't any doubt regarding their relationship. Registering their marriage was also the next logical step too.

But it was their first time walking side by side when entering Flourish & Prosper, now officially as husband and wife.

Only then did everyone realize how compatible they looked.

When everyone saw the couple, they began to understand the notion of a perfect match made in heaven, and how they were an ideal pair...

"Good morning, President Yan. Good morning, Lady Boss."

The moment they stepped in, everyone rushed to greet them.

Everyone changed the way they addressed Xuxu. It was no longer Secretary Wen or Miss Wen. They addressed her as Lady Boss or Madam.

At home, Aunt Zhang and the rest of the servants still addressed her as Miss. It made her feel extremely awkward and uneasy when the employees addressed her differently in relation to Yan Rusheng.

Her face blushed, and she lowered her head. She followed closely next to Yan Rusheng without a word.

Both of them strode towards the elevator.

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng reached out and held her hand domineeringly. He seemed to be declaring his possession of the woman next to him.

This woman was his.

Xuxu stared at him, slightly startled. His expression remained indifferent and unreadable.

His strides remained steady, as if holding her hand was something natural that he did every day.

They reached the elevator, and it opened instantly. After people streamed out of the elevator, Yan Rusheng walked in while holding Xuxu's hand.

The rest of the people who were waiting for the lift were conscientious and decided to wait for the next one to arrive.

Even though they were the only ones in the elevator, Yan Rusheng didn't seem to have any intentions of releasing her hand.

Cough, cough. She cleared her throat and spoke up. "President Yan, aren't our actions a little too deliberate?"

Yan Rusheng swung his head towards her, and a scornful smile played at the corners of his lips. "You think that I was putting on a show?"

Xuxu was dumbfounded. Wasn't he acting?

Her heart pounded as she brooded over his words in her head. He sneered coldly and leaned close to her ear. "I'm helping you get accustomed to your new identity as Flourish & Prosper's lady boss."

He pressed on, "To help you accept the fact that you're married, I'll allow you to address me as hubby in front of outsiders."

The moment he uttered the word 'hubby', his heart began to tingle.

He yearned for her to address him as hubby right away.

"Thanks," Xuxu replied airily.

How many women in the country have wanted him as their husband, and she was the only one to receive this exclusive privilege.

Just a mere thank you wouldn't suffice; she should kneel and bow to express her gratitude for his supreme graciousness.

What was this attitude?! Yan Rusheng furrowed his brows furiously, and he was about to lash out at her when the elevator reached their office.

He flung her hand away fiercely and walked out of the elevator.

This stupid woman doesn't know what's good for her!

Xuxu trailed behind him and watched as he stormed off in a fury.

Yan Rusheng, if you can't promise me anything, then don't give me hope.


Wen Xuxu entered the president's office and saw that another colleague was occupying her previous desk. She realized that Yan Rusheng hadn't informed her of her work tasks.

However, Yan Rusheng arranged for her to brew tea and to handle a few calls that were diverted from his secretary the whole morning.

Regarding the scheduling of his social engagements, Yan Rusheng gave her free rein.

When it came to his declaration, Young Master Yan really walked the talk. He made sure that Xuxu was in his office, within his sight the entire day except for toilet breaks.