Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Get Familiar With Each Other

Lunch had always been bought by the secretary.

As usual, both of them sat on the sofa with a few dishes set before them.

They picked up the peppered beef fillet unanimously with their chopsticks. Seeing this, Xuxu subconsciously retracted her chopsticks.

She couldn't believe it when Yan Rusheng picked up two slices of beef fillet and placed it in her bowl.

He remained silent. As for Xuxu, she was pleasantly surprised but didn't utter a word.

This harmonious atmosphere was hard to come by, and they didn't want to wreck it.

After lunch, Xuxu stood up and was about to clear away the lunch boxes when Yan Rusheng suddenly grabbed her wrist.

"Wen Xuxu, let's take an afternoon nap."

Without waiting for Xuxu's response, he stood up and dragged her towards the room.

A nap was something of an extravagance to Yan Rusheng. All these years, he had never taken a nap in that room.

He was always working his socks off at the office every day. Whenever there were any business engagements or entertainments, he would return home only during the wee hours.

At most, he would have a smoke on the sofa and take a brief rest.

It's always lonely when one is at the top, especially at such a young age. In the eyes of others, Yan Rusheng had already obtained success. But in his heart, he was constantly striving to take it up a notch.

Xuxu hung her head and submissively allowed Yan Rusheng to drag her into the room.

Everything still looked familiar to her. She couldn't help but take a glance at the bed. The necklace was still hanging there.

Each time she looked at it, her heart would skip a beat.

Only this time, he was holding her hand when he went inside. Was heaven ridiculing her?

With stiff movements, she withdrew her hand from his palm.

She had a compulsion to grab him by the collar and rebuke him. Having already made a lifetime promise to someone, why was he still trying to stir up her heart?

Why couldn't they maintain their marital relationship and fulfill the intended obligation of that marriage?

What exactly did he want? Was he putting up a show for his deceased grandmother to see?

By now, she realized that she had over-estimated herself.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was impossible for her to be with Yan Rusheng wholeheartedly.

Just like the night when he'd barged into her room and kissed and hugged her, just like how he'd prepared an entire wardrobe of new clothes for her, just like that afternoon when he'd suddenly held her hands in public.

Each and every time, her imagination would run wild. Did he loathe her less? In time, would he also develop feelings towards her?

The more she retaliated, the more Yan Rusheng wanted to subdue.

He wanted her to grow familiar with everything about himeven if she didn't love him, he just wanted her to be familiar with him.

His natural disposition was that of an overbearing person. If the soft approach didn't work, then he would get tough.

Without giving her a chance to speak, he bent down to carry her and threw her on the bed.

After which, he walked back and closed the door.

The sky was clear and bright. Young Master Yan loosened his shirt buttons one by one right before the eyes of his newly wedded wife.

A physique so flawless and perfect, just like the Orient sunrise, and presented so gorgeously before Xuxu.

Xuxu stared at him with widened eyes wide, and she reacted in the same way as the night before. She kept a tight grip on the bed sheetsas if a great catastrophe was about to befall her.

Perhaps, he had already expected that she would react in this manner. Or perhaps she would be furious beyond measure.

Yan Rusheng curled his lips and broke into a broad smile. He bent his waist and patiently lowered his body down in a leisurely manner.

Xuxu's entire body was shaking profusely. His smile became charmingly wanton, and he said teasingly, "After all these years, you should know my external appearance by heart. It's about time we get to know each other's bodies."