Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Was He Trying To Explain?

She couldn't help but believe Yan Rusheng was telling the truththere wasn't any reason for him to lie after all.

But why was he telling her all this? It sounded like he was trying to explain.

Even more startling was the fact that he'd mentioned Fang Jiayin's name. But his expression and tone didn't betray a hint of his emotions.

She was baffled!

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips, a slight curl at the edge of his mouth. It resembled a budding snow lotusso beautiful and pure that it seemed beyond her reach.

His eyes were twinkling with a faint smile too. Xuxu immediately avoided his gaze for fear that she might end up captivated.

"Watch TV then."

Yan Rusheng spoke after some time, and he opened a drawer. He took out a remote control and threw it over to Xuxu.

He was about to turn and leave when a thought struck him. He added, "If you don't feel like watching TV, you can help me by organizing the documents which need my signature."

He scanned Xuxu's lower body, and a faint playful smile appeared in his eyes again. "No one would dare to enter my office without knocking first."

Grandmother was the only one who would, but she's not around anymore.

He left the room and shut the door behind him.

Xuxu was left bewildered and intrigued by the drastic changes in his behavior.

What's going on? He was still ridiculing her before they took that nap.

Xuxu switched on the TV; a melodrama was playing on one of the capital city's channels.

She didn't switch channels as both her heart and mind weren't focused on watching TV right now.

She stared in fixation at the necklace with the words 'A Lifetime' on the bedside cabinet. She lost track of time, and finally, her aching neck jarred her back to reality.

They were entering the hottest period of summer and the days were the longest during these months. It was already past four, and yet the sun was still shining brightly.

Xuxu put down the remote control and left the bed.

She forgot that she was still wearing Yan Rusheng's boxers and the moment she stood up, it fell from her waist to her ankles.

She lowered her head and looked at the white boxers. This was really embarrassing...

She decided against wearing it since his shirt was huge. Her former work attire usually ended somewhere above her knees anyway.

She scooped up Young Master Yan's boxers and washed it before leaving it out to dry.

Her pants were half-dried already. In such hot weather, she wouldn't mind wearing them in that state on a normal day.

But it was currently an inconvenient time for her, so wearing a damp pair of pants wouldn't be a wise decision. So she could only wait.

If you don't feel like watching TV, you can help me by organizing the documents which need my signature...

Xuxu decided to leave the room upon recalling Yan Rusheng's words.

He had already promised that no one would barge into his office without seeking permission first, especially with everyone aware of their relationship now.

So if she was still feeling bashful while wearing his clothes, it would seem too pretentious.

After much deliberation, she walked to the door and opened it. She quickly scanned the entire officeYan Rusheng was at his desk, and he was focused on his computer screen.

She made sure that no one was outside before she set foot inside the room.

She walked towards Yan Rusheng and said, "Give me all the required documents, I'll go over them on the couch."

Yan Rusheng heard her and lifted his head. Exhaustion was clearly shown on his face.

Xuxu couldn't help but berate herself. She had rested for so long and didn't manage to help him in any way. It was her first day back, and she had only caused him more trouble.