Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Was He Going To Sleep Here Tonight?

She wanted to call Jiang Zhuoheng, but she didn't know what to say to him.

How should she explain herself?

That she had caused Grandmother's death? That she broke her promise to him because she needed to fulfill her grandmother's final wish?

Or should she say that Yan Rusheng had coerced her?

They all sounded like excuses and even the mere thought of saying them felt pretentious.

"My workload has been crazy lately," Jiang Zhuoheng replied in his usual gentle tone. Other than a hint of exhaustion, he sounded fine. "But I came back to take over the business, so it's normal to be busy during the transition."

"No matter how important work is, don't forget to rest and take care of your health," Xuxu reminded him gently.

They didn't chat for long before Jiang Zhuoheng excused himself by saying he had something on.

Coincidentally, Yan Rusheng's car had exited the car park and was driving towards her.

After ending the conversation and saying their goodbyes, Xuxu stored her phone away.

Yan Rusheng parked in front of the stepsXuxu went around the car and slid into the front passenger seat.

Yan Rusheng glanced at her as she fastened her seatbelt. "Who was on the other line that made you smile so happily?"

Did she look that happy just now? Puzzled, Xuxu tried her best to recall.

She didn't need to conceal the truth. "Ah Heng called."

They should be frank with one another now that they were together. There was nothing to hide about the phone call, and it would only make her seem guilty if she tried to conceal it from him on purpose.

Hearing her answer, Yan Rusheng became gloomy. But he soon recovered almost instantly.

He consoled himself; at least she didn't lie to him.

Wen Xuxu had always been like this, and this was one of the traits he admired about her the mosther candidness!

Wen Xuxu was just that kind of person, so he understood clearly that she was telling the truth. And it was not because she couldn't be bothered to lie to coax him.

After dinner, Yan Rusheng headed straight for the study while Xuxu retreated to the bedroom. She took a shower, then started reading a book in bed.


The door swung open softly, but since Xuxu wasn't too engrossed with her book, she noticed it.

She glanced at the door and was slightly surprised to see Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng had decided to be patient for the time being seeing as their relationship had finally shown some improvement. As the saying goes, once the conditions are ripe, success will come naturally.

Therefore, he moved back to the guest room a few days ago and hadn't entered the bedroom for some time.

He started unbuttoning his shirt as he walked in, a weary expression on his face.

Tossing his phone on the sofa, he walked to the bathroom. "Help me get my clothes."

There wasn't anyone else in the room but Xuxu.

It took a while for Xuxu to fully take in his wordsher body started feeling jittery.

Was he going to sleep here tonight?

"Wen Xuxu?"

Xuxu was nervously trying to decipher Yan Rusheng's thoughts when she heard him shouting for her again.

"Coming!" There was no time to think about it, so Xuxu went to the wardrobe. She took out a pair of his pajamas and underwear and yelled towards the bathroom. "I'll place them on the sofa!"

"Bring it in here."

"Come out and take it yourself."

Xuxu bravely rejected Young Master Yan's command and threw the clothes on the sofa.

"Alright." Young Master Yan's voice sounded from the bathroom.

Xuxu felt how incredible it was that he'd actually listened to her. Blinking her eyes, she stood at the same spot as she could hardly believe her ears.

On the sofa, Yan Rusheng's cellphone started ringing.