Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Why Did You Come Out?

She glanced at the phoneit was the one with his private line.

Without a second thought, she yelled at the bathroom. "Yan Rusheng, your phone is ringing!"

"Answer it."

Yan Rusheng promptly told Xuxu to pick up the call without even verifying the caller's identity.

Xuxu replied back with a "Yes" and walked over to the sofa. Ming Ansheng was on the other line.

The instant she saw the familiar name, she picked up the phone without any hesitation. She said naturally, "Young Master Ming."

There was a dead silence for a few seconds before Ming Ansheng replied, "Xuxu?"

Xuxu interpreted it as him asking for Yan Rusheng's whereabouts. She said, "Yan Rusheng is in the shower."

"Oh, seems like you're... co-existing quite well with Third Yan."

Ming Ansheng sounded both curious and doubtful.

Xuxu lightly brushed off his question. "Young Master Ming, thank you for showing concern for your old classmate despite your hectic schedule."

She felt that Ming Ansheng would definitely be a little judgmental about her marriage with Yan Rusheng.

After all, his grandfather had put in so much effort to link their two families together through marriage. Now everything had gone down the drain. Not to mention how Wen Xinyi was badly humiliated at Flourish & Prosper that time.

He was her cousin, and he would definitely feel protective of her.

"C'mon, Wen Xuxu. We were ex-classmates, after all. Do you need to be so distant with us?"

Ming Ansheng lamented bitterly.

Even though he'd changed his tone, Xuxu could still tell that he was deliberately trying to conceal the doubt in his voice.

She wasn't sure what he was trying to get out of her, and just assumed that he was still upset over her marriage with Yan Rusheng.

But she felt that this matter was between her and Yan Rusheng. Other than Ah Heng, she wasn't accountable to anyone else.

She was certain that even if she didn't marry Yan Rusheng, he never would have agreed to marry Wen Xinyi. He wasn't someone who would accept an arranged marriage or be restricted by such matters.

"I'm being wronged, Young Master Ming. How have I been distant with you? I can't wait to get on your good side."

She still spoke in her usual straightforward tone, but she seemed to be keeping others at arm's length at the same time.

"C'mon. You're exactly like Third Yan. Now I truly understand that the two of you are a perfect match." Ming Ansheng sounded a little frustrated, but it didn't seem like he was joking with her.

He hesitated before continuing, "Get Third Yan to call me back when he's free."

Xuxu agreed and hung up.

"Wen Xuxu, where are my clothes?"

She was just about to put the phone down when Yan Rusheng's voice sounded once again. She raised her headher face blushed red all the way to her neck in an instant.

She stared blankly for a while before she croaked out, "You... why did you come out?"

Looking innocent, Yan Rusheng said, "Didn't you ask me to get my clothes myself?"

Yes, I did say that, but I didn't mean like this?!

He was doing this on purpose! Xuxu frowned and stammered. "Then why... why didn't you put on your clothes?"

"How can I wear clothes if I don't have them with me?" Yan Rusheng closely scanned his body with a conceited expression. Then he raised his eyebrows mischievously. "What do you think? Acceptable?"

Even Xuxu's hands had turned red by now. Her emerald jade eyes seemed to ripple with moisture, gleaming like crystal-clear water. She was struggling between feeling embarrassed and upset.

"Still looking at my body? Want to touch it?" Yan Rusheng moved towards her with deliberate steps, a tantalizing and playful smile on his lips.

After a moment of blinding realization, Xuxu finally managed to react and berated herself for standing motionless on the spot.

She whirled around, and her body trembled against her will. "The clothes are on the sofa. Hurry and put them on."