Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Whats Troubling Him?

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Xuxu quickly covered her eyes with one hand. This was the second time she had seen him naked excluding the times when they were still kids.

Her face seemed to be on fire, and the mortifying thing was that she couldn’t seem to get rid of the image of his beastly state in her mind. It haunted her like a spirit.

“Wen Xuxu, what ridiculous thoughts are you thinking of right now?”

His deep and hoarse voice was overflowing with masculine charmhe had suddenly right next to her.

Xuxu shivered uncontrollably as she instinctively moved a step away to dodge him.

“Where are you trying to hide?” Knowing that she was about to flee, Yan Rusheng wrapped his arm around her slender waist. He exerted some strength and pulled her soft body into his embrace.

He bent down and stared fixedly at this woman he had coveted and desired for a long time.

His eyes were filled with sheer determination.

Xuxu blushed shyly at his advances. But deep within her heart, her well-hidden feelings were pulsing as they began to stir.

From her first awakening of love, she had fallen hard for this young rascal who shone brilliantly like the sun. It was this very person who was embracing her so tightly right now.

It would be a lie if she said that she didn’t harbor any expectations.

But… at the thought of their marriage, and their relationship in reality…

She became dispirited once more. She constantly reminded herself that their marriage was to fulfill Grandmother’s final wishes, and she needed to produce grandchildren for the Yan family.

But now that they were about to embark into the next stage in their relationship, she actually cared and wondered if he had her in his heart.

She cared very much that her love for him throughout the years had turned into something more complicated.

“Ming Ansheng called earlier, you should call him back.” Xuxu dodged his gaze as she tried to escape from his arms at the same time.

Yan Rusheng originally had a mischievous and wicked smile. But it froze upon her words and his expression abruptly turned dark, resembling ominous dark clouds gathering before a storm.

The sudden transition of his expressions gave Xuxu enormous pressure. And it was frightening enough that she stumbled back a few steps.

“Are you alright?” she asked gingerly, looking worried about him.

Why did his expression change after I said that Ming Ansheng called?

Weren’t they close friends? Did they have a fight recently?

Hearing her concerned voice, Yan Rusheng’s expression softened a little. He turned to look at her with a tender gaze. “I’ll call him now, so you should sleep first.”

He scooped up the clothes that Xuxu had placed on the sofa and grabbed his phone. He put them on while he made his way out.

His body seemed to be weighed down by a heavy burden.

What’s troubling him?

Yan Rusheng shut the door after him, and Xuxu stared at it in a daze.

After snapping out of it, she sighed softly. Ming Ansheng’s call allowed her to escape from that situation earlier, something that she was grateful for since she wasn’t feeling ready.

She lay on the bed, still deep in thought.

She was still drinking the medicine that the Chinese physician had prescribed for her take every night. And she slept well each night with a glass of milk too.

She didn’t read, neither did she use her phone. Her thoughts revolved around some random, trivial stuff and soon, she dozed off.

Around midnight, the door opened softly, and a tall figure entered the room.

Fearing that he might wake the sleeping woman, he removed his bedroom slippers and treaded carefully towards the bed.

Xuxu caught a whiff of alcohol in her dreams, but she was too sleepy to wake up.

The man’s deep eyes glittered like obsidian in the darkness. He gazed affectionately at Xuxu who was sound asleep.