Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Ten Miles Of A Spring Breeze Can't Even Hold A Candle To Him

"Huh?" Xuxu was shocked by his words, and she frantically scanned her surroundings like a radar.

She didn't spot his familiar figure but knew that he was nearby.

She wasn't sure if she was feeling surprised or something else, but she just couldn't wait to see him.

Without realizing it, she was unconsciously revealing her child-like side. "Where are you? Why are you hiding in some corner and spying on me? Or did you send someone to tail me?"

She knew that he wouldn't; he wasn't someone who would do that.

"Are you that eager to see me?" His voice sounded once more, and this time round, he sounded even more light-hearted and cheerful.

There was an unnoticeable trace of joy in his voice.

He'd been peering at the crowds of shoppers and had casually looked around. So, he had no idea how he could have spotted her from such a distance away behind a glass barrier.

A smartly dressed man with exquisite features stood on the highest floor of the mall. He leaned lazily against a reinforced glass barrier near the escalators. His black emerald-jade eyes sparkled with adoration and affection at the tiny woman who was searching for him on the third floor.

"Nope, I don't want to. I just want to know how you knew what I was doing and how you managed to do it."

A sweet and childish voice replied.

He chuckled softly, his mellow laughter sounding richly masculine. Ten miles of a spring breeze can't even hold a candle to him.

Forget it, he won't tease her anymore. He knew that someone as aloof and righteous as her didn't enjoy being teased. She could hold her curiosity well and didn't succumb easily when she was being teased. It was best to stop at an appropriate time.

He casually changed the subject. "Have you eaten?"

His gaze had never left Xuxu for a secondshe was the brightest star in this entire mall.

How could he be so oblivious to her all these years?

Or had he really fallen for her after all those years she'd stayed by his side?

"Yup, I ate dinner with Zhou Shuang." Xuxu stopped pressing him regarding his whereabouts.

He gritted his teeth with annoyancewasn't she curious about how he knew what she was doing? Didn't she want to know where he was right now? Didn't she want to see him?

He reminded himself that 'Wen Xuxu' was always like this, and his surging emotions began to calm down.

She was reserved and cold and treated everyone in the same way. Most women liked to gossip, hanker after luxury items or fantasize about celebrities. But she always seemed to be without such desires.

It was hard for a person to win her favor.

He had no other way since he was the one who fell for her first. Yan Rusheng stared at the tiny figure from afar, shaking his head as he scoffed at himself.

He suppressed his displeasure towards her and gnashed his teeth. He said gently, "I've just finished my dinner, and I'm on the top floor. Since I'm almost done here, you should join me."

"Mm..." Xuxu glanced at the time and hesitated. She replied, "If you're entertaining a guest, then I shouldn't intrude. Let me know when you're about to leave, we can go home together if it's not too late."

She really didn't enjoy going to these social engagements where she had to put on pretenses just to entertain clients. She'd attended way too many of them in the past year, and sometimes it felt like she was losing sight of her real self.

Even though she was still doing her secretarial duties, Yan Rusheng would always bring his other secretary alongshe was secretly pleased with this arrangement.

"Wen Xuxu..." Young Master Yan couldn't hold in his anger any longer, and he was close to flaring up.

But he didn't get to finish his sentence when Zhou Shuang came back from the ladies room. She rushed towards Xuxu excitedly. "Xuxu! Xuxu, I heard that Weng Meimei is right here in this mall!"