Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Who is Weng Meimei?

Xuxu frowned and furrowed her brows. "Who is Weng Meimei?"

She tried to recall the names of the celebrities that she knew of but no memory of 'Weng Meimei' popped up.

"Oh my god, are you an alien?!" Zhou Shuang frowned disdainfully. "She just received the Best Actress awardthe great beauty, Weng Meimei!"

Xuxu rolled her eyes silently. "So what's she got to do with me?"

She continued talking to Yan Rusheng. "Yes, what did you want to say?"

She heard him saying her name just now, but he was interrupted midway.

His fury extinguished, Yan Rusheng replied airily, "Nothing." He spoke again, "I'll call you when I'm about to leave. Remember to buy both the orange and white jackets. And buy a few more, you're not allowed to come home without spending at least 200,000 yuan."

Wen Xuxu was speechless...

She suddenly felt sullenhe was even taking control over her spending! How much stuff did she have to buy to reach 200,000 yuan? This jacket was only around 1,000 yuan.

Luckily, she only grumbled silently in her heart. Who knows how badly other people would scold her for not appreciating such an extravagance.

She decided to stay silent, but then Yan Rusheng raised his voice to prompt her with a threatening tone.

"Oh," Xuxu replied gloomily and hung up.

What should she buy with 200,000 yuan?

Zhou Shuang saw her gloomy expression and asked her worriedly, "What happened?"

"Nothing much." Xuxu shook her head and turned towards the salesgirl. "Wrap up both the orange and white jackets, please. Thank you."

She's buying both? Zhou Shuang stared at Xuxu in amazement and figured that something was wrong.

Xuxu pretended not to notice Zhou Shuang's look of amazement as she withdrew her credit card. She passed it to the salesgirl gracefully, just like how a wealthy lady of a prestigious family should be.

Xuxu carried on shopping at several more brands and only selected the high-end ones.

But... the most expensive item that she came across was about 10,000 yuan, which was still a long way from her target.

She really couldn't bear to spend so much money.

"I heard that Weng Meimei is at the top floor. I love that action movie she acted in, let's go take a picture with her!"

"The prettiest policewoman on screen is upstairs! Should we go and take a look at her? I want her signature!"

There was a long pause...

After they passed by the elevator, they could both hear the excited voices of Weng Meimei's fans heading upstairs.

"Xuxu, let's take a look as well." Zhou Shuang was a fun-loving person, and she was itching to join the fans in their fun.

Weng Meimei's image was notable as she acted in such roles like a policewoman or a special forces soldier which were popular with the general public.

Especially for a tough and tenacious girl like Zhou Shuang.

Xuxu didn't pay much attention to celebrities, and she hardly watched movies at the theaters. She preferred to watch movies at home with her favorite snacks.

She was rather unwilling, but Zhou Shuang was insistent, so she had no choice.

And so she was unwillingly dragged upstairs by Zhou Shuang.

The news of Weng Meimei having dinner on the top floor of the mall quickly spread, causing crowds to flock to the restaurant.

Everyone wanted to meet the award-winning actress in person.

To prevent a commotion, a team of security guards was dispatched to maintain law and order.

They blocked the restaurant's entrance to prevent anyone from entering.

"For everyone's safety, please leave the premises."

But hardly anyone heeded their advicethey remained outside the entrance waiting for their idol.