Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 239

Chapter 239: The Whole Restaurant Has Been Booked

"This is a rare opportunity to meet Meimei! We want to take a picture with her!"

"Yes, that's right! We're her die-hard fans!"

"Meimei, I loved your role as a drug pusher in the movie!"

Several young and fashionably dressed girls who looked less than twenty years old were standing outside the restaurant, waving and yelling with excitement.

Being fascinated with idols or celebrities was a hobby of the teens. Even though Zhou Shuang did admire the actress, she wasn't crazy to that extent.

"Let's goit's too crowded." Wen Xuxu nudged Zhou Shuang and tried to move away.

Seeing the crowd had dampened Zhou Shuang's initial enthusiasm. She nodded in agreement.

"I heard that Meimei is having dinner with Third Master Yan."

"Didn't Third Master Yan get married recently?"

"A charming and capable lady like Meimei would make even a married man fall for her."

The two girls were about to turn and leave when they overheard some fans gossiping about Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu paused when she heard them and stole a glance at the restaurant. But it was too packed with people, and she couldn't see anything beyond the crowd.

But she already had the answer in her heart.

He was indeed here, and he also didn't bring his other secretary along. So he was on a dinner date with a celebrity actress.


Xuxu looked away from the scene, curling her lips as she mocked herself. She was glad that she hadn't been dumb enough to go to the restaurant.

"Hmph! So Weng Meimei is having dinner with Yan Rusheng?" Zhou Shuang heard the murmurs among the crowd, and her pretty face with heavy makeup fell instantly. She grabbed Xuxu furiously and wanted to barge into the restaurant. "Let's take a look."

Xuxu stopped her. "Forget it, let's continue shopping instead. Why should I care about him?"

Her indifferent attitude made Zhou Shuang hesitate.

But she thought about it a little more. Even though their marriage was a forced and hurried one without love as a foundation, but since they're officially husband and wife, then they should be loyal to each other.

What's he doing, bringing another woman on a date so publicly?

She could barely contain her anger, so she pulled Xuxu back once more. "No, you can't leave! You're his lawful wife, so you have to go in there and see it for yourself."

Miss Zhou exerted all her strength and managed to drag Xuxu to the restaurant's entrance. But they were stopped by the security. "Miss, I understand that you're eager to meet your idol. But please respect her privacy and don't intrude."

"Bullsh*t idol! We're nobody's fans! We're just going in for a meal." Miss Zhou didn't give a damn about that actress anymore. She waved her hand and said crossly, "Let us in."

Looking agitated, the security guard replied, "Miss, please don't make things difficult for us. The whole restaurant is already booked, and they won't be accepting other customers tonight."

"Ha! The whole restaurant's been booked?" Zhou Shuang crossed her arms and glanced at the restaurant. She sneered loudly, "How lavish."

Wen Xuxu peered at the name of the restaurant and pressed her lips tightly, the corners of her mouth sinking down imperceptibly.

"Let's go." She nudged Zhou Shuang softly.

"Why should we leave?" Zhou Shuang ignored her nudges and angrily questioned the guard. She pointed at Xuxu's face. "Do you see her? I'm sure you can recognize who she is."

The guard scanned Xuxu's face, and someone else answered on his behalf.

"That's Third Master Yan's childhood sweetheartand his newly-wed wife."