Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Will He Care?

At this moment, the crowd was making a commotion as they stood by to watch this interesting new development.

Xuxu didn't enjoy showing off, nor did she like being in the limelight. And furthermore, if her face and identity were of any use, he wouldn't be on a date with another woman so flamboyantly.

And he'd even booked the entire restaurant.

As she thought of this, her heart gradually began to sink.

"Zhou Shuang, if you won't leave, then I will." She flung her hand away and turned around. She was emitting such a chilly aura that the crowd parted silently for her to pass by without any obstacles.

Zhou Shuang hurried after her, but she didn't stop berating Yan Rusheng.

"That damned womanizer, he hasn't changed his awful habit of flirting around."

While she was overseas these past few years, she often read news about his scandals with models and actresses every other day.

Xuxu stepped lightly towards the escalator. She saw Herms the moment she stepped onto the following floor.

After seeing the luxury brand, she was suddenly lit up with a fiery whim and walked inside.

When she entered, the salesgirl rushed to welcome her. Xuxu ignored her as her gaze swept past all the display items.

Then she pointed at a handbag among the row of displayed bags. "Wrap up that red handbag, please."

Then she turned her head towards another bag made in a classic design. "And that one too."

The sales girl looked incredulously at her. "Madam, the two handbags are 88,000 yuan and 120,000 yuan respectively. Are you sure you want to get both?"

Not to mention the salesgirl, even Zhou Shuang was astounded by her sudden spendthrift decision.

Did something provoke her?

Oh... right. Her husband booked an entire restaurant to have dinner with another woman. Even though their marriage was a loveless one, but this concerned her dignity and pride. It was indeed maddening.

Zhou Shuang furrowed her eyebrows tightly at the salesgirl and asked defensively, "Why? Are you afraid that we can't pay?"

She turned to look at Xuxu and gave her a thumbs up. "Xuxu, you're finally doing something cool! Since he's willing to book a whole restaurant just to have dinner with another woman, then you should shop till you drop! It's best if you can bankrupt him so that other women won't be able to spend his fortune."

Xuxu's face screwed up in fury at her words, and she felt like strangling her friend.

Was she afraid that no one else would find out that her husband was on a date with another woman?

At Zhou Shuang's statement, the salesgirl hastily calculated the total sum of Xuxu's items. Xuxu whipped out her credit card and didn't even bat an eyelid when she saw that the bill amounted to more than 200,000 yuan.

Deep in her heart, she was rather distressed over her purchases, but why?

Perhaps it was because she'd just spent so much money, or maybe...

She continued buying random stuff and shopped all the way down. By the time she reached the first floor, she had finished shopping at most of the prominent luxury brands.

She walked out of the mall and a bustling and vibrant city night scene greeted her.

Both hands were bursting with her purchases, yet her heart felt empty.

What have I done?

Who am I angry with? What am I expecting? What does it matter even if I buy the entire mall?

It's just moneywill he care?

She felt extremely drained the minute she got home. She dumped all her shopping bags on the sofa without a second glance.

After taking a shower, she rested against the deck chair and stared blankly at the inky, starry sky.

'Grandmother, I miss you.'

"Wen Xuxu, didn't I ask you to wait for me?"

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng appeared, his voice sounding slightly drunk with a tinge of annoyance.