Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 242

Chapter 242: What Should He Do Next?

She thought that she could continue acting like before. To stay beside him and remain nonchalant about his flings. But it had never dawned on her that as their relationship progressed, she would sink even deeper.

She began to have expectations and emotions.

"I'm just joking, why are you crying?" Yan Rusheng was a little tipsy, and he was indeed furious with her before he entered the room.

He wanted to barge in and question herhe'd set enough of his pride aside that he was almost kneeling in front of her. Why was she pretending not to see it?

But the moment he saw her tearing up, he became flustered.

He had no idea how he'd been reduced to this pathetic state. The pain he'd felt when Fang Jiayin left him three years ago paled in comparison to being in love with this woman he was too afraid to confess to.

Xuxu heard her own unrestrained sobs and realized that she had lost her self-control.

She composed herself and backed away from Yan Rusheng. She lowered her head and wiped her tears away. She choked back a sob as she said, "Don't joke about this kind of thing again or I'll think you're being serious."

"I've never seen you act so cowardly before," Yan Rusheng replied helplessly as he brushed and tidied her damp hair. When his fingers touched her head, she felt a faint, electric current pulsing through her. Xuxu shivered lightly and wanted to escape.

But Yan Rusheng wrapped his arms around her waist once more, pulling her towards him forcefully so that she was tightly pressed against him.

He lowered his head, and his mouth met Xuxu's alluring and inviting lips again.

This gentle kiss was filled with longing.

And neither of them could control themselves any longer.

The bed was behind Xuxu, and Yan Rusheng pushed her back gradually towards his goal. Finally, he was successful, and he pressed her down with his crushing weight.

Xuxu was suddenly jolted to her senses by his actions and opened her eyes in shock. She reacted by grabbing his arms.

Yan Rusheng paused and raised his head. Desire filled his eyes as he glared at her with displease.

She shook her head. "Don't... I... I'm not ready yet, and I'm scared."

She was fully awake now as she looked at the man lying on top of her. Xuxu seemed like a bird easily startled by the mere twang of a bow, and her body was trembling badly.

Yan Rusheng had no idea what she was afraid of, but he saw the state that she was inhe couldn't bring himself to force her.

Their relationship had finally seen some improvement, and he didn't want to ruin it by doing this.

After some contemplation, he withdrew his hands with reluctance and slowly sat up.

He'd always thought that he wasn't the type of man who couldn't control his desires. But every time he faced this stupid woman, he could barely contain himself.

Argh! Damn it, what do I do now?

It doesn't look like taking a cold shower would solve my problem.

"Yan Rusheng... are you okay?"

Xuxu peered at him and sensed that he was in agony right now. Even high school students were familiar with such things.

Furthermore, she had been through this before, and she knew how agonizing it would be for a man to stop halfway.

But she was really afraid, afraid of how he would view her from now on.

Earlier on there were tidal waves surging in his heart. Now she was speaking to him so worriedly, her voice sounding so gentle and lovely.

It was another fatal blow to Young Master Yan, and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back if he looked at her.

"We're husband and wife nowwe'll have to do it sooner or later. So, this won't happen next time."

With his back facing Xuxu, he gave her a cold warning and left for the bathroom.