Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Many Can't Wait To Throw Themselves At You

Yan Rusheng draped a towel over himself and went out. He thoughtfully closed the bathroom door after him.

Turning his head, he let out a sigh of satisfaction as he looked at Xuxu's silhouette through the frosted glass.

Oh, damn it. She only helped me with her hands, and I'm already so satisfied. When the real battle comes around, won't it feel like paradise?

So, it would be better to take things further.

As Young Master Yan thought about this, he instantly held back the smile on his face and walked towards the wardrobe, keeping a straight face. Opening the wardrobe door, he took out a bathrobe before putting it on.

He walked over to the bed, sat down and leaned against the headboard.

Suddenly, Xuxu's cellphone rang from the bedside cabinet.

He glanced at it unintentionally. It was a message from Zhou Shuang. The message was short and could be read without having to launch the cellphone screen.

Did Yan Rusheng the rascal come home? Don't be upset. Tomorrow, you can also book an entire restaurant and have a meal with an attractive young man.

Yan Rusheng, the rascal...

Just reading the word 'rascal' already provoked a rage of fury in his heart. Where did she get the courage to egg his woman on into finding an attractive young man for a meal?!

Xuxu must no longer associate herself with this hooligan or else she'll be led astray.

Wait a minute...

Don't be upset? What's that supposed to mean?

Young Master Yan had finally noticed the keywords, 'book the entire restaurant'.

Instantly, he was struck with a thought, and he sat up excitedly. "It's all because of this!"

At that same moment, Xuxu strode out of the bathroom while putting on an oversized bathrobe.

She saw Yan Rusheng's uncontrollable excitement and asked curiously, "What happened?"

"Nothing. Come here and sleep." Yan Rusheng gestured to her while observing her eyes, which held a look of fondness and warmth.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and walked over, baffled. The flushed skin on her porcelain face had yet to fade.

When she walked over to the bedside, Yan Rusheng reached out and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her close to him and rested her head on his other hand.

Without waiting for her response, he switched off the light and planted a tender kiss on her forehead. "Go to sleep."


That night, Xuxu slept on Yan Rusheng's arm with an unprecedented peace.

It was rare for him to still be sleeping by her side when she woke up.

Xuxu looked up at the man who was still sound asleephis eyebrows, his eyes had appeared countless times in her dreams.

They spent every day with each other.

Countless times, she had imagined him lying beside her when she woke up.

Yet now that this had day arrived, she didn't have a sense of satisfaction. In fact, she wasn't even feeling at ease.

"Wen Xuxu, good morning!"

Xuxu was deep in thought when the man suddenly spoke. His voice sounded sleepy and hoarse.

Her eyes flickered in shock. She swiftly shifted her gaze and turned over, with her back facing him.

Yan Rusheng turned in her direction and embraced her tiny waist. "I was really pleased with your service last night. So today, I'll bring you out for some fun."

He was clearly teasing her.

Xuxu blushed. She elbowed this man behind her who was so full of nonsense the moment he woke up. " Yan Rusheng, you're shameless! I don't need you to take me out to have fun."

She wasn't a child, so why would she need him to accompany her?

Seeing her crimson face, Yan Rusheng wasn't about to let her off. "How? The moment I heard your voice, I'm feeling that urge again."

This just proved that men basically couldn't control their desires. Even if the woman lying next to them wasn't someone they loved, it wouldn't affect their physiological reaction.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows, feeling both embarrassed and annoyed at the same time. "There are many women who can't wait to throw themselves at you."