Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 245

Chapter 245: You Dare To Hesitate?

After she said those words, she felt that she was being unreasonably pretentious. She turned around sheepishly to find out if Yan Rusheng had sensed something.

Yan Rusheng was an astute man, and nothing could escape him.

When Xuxu suddenly turned around, he instantly closed his peach-blossom-shaped eyes, leaving only a faint smile on his face. One wouldn't have easily noticed this.

Xuxu saw his closed eyes and assumed that he hadn't detected the hint of jealousy in her words earlier.

"Today, aren't you..." She attempted to change the subject when Yan Rusheng suddenly opened his eyes.

The moment he did, Xuxu realized how close their bodies were, not more than a few inches apart from each other.

So ridiculously close that she could see every pore on his face and feel his breath.

Yan Rusheng frowned slightly. "Wen Xuxu, how can there be such a woman like you? Shoving your husband into the arms of other women."

If it weren't for the tinge of jealousy in her voice, he would have moved closer and did it to her.

This dumb woman couldn't be pampered further, or she'd be even more pompous.

Shoving your husband into the arms of other women."

"I wasn't shoving you." Xuxu bit her lips and hesitated for a moment before continuing, "But, do I have the right to control you?"

Even if she had the right, he also wouldn't allow her to exercise it.

If she held a place in his heart, there wouldn't even be a need to control him.

Wen Xuxu, are you running a fever or are you mental? I can't believe you're cultivating an expectant heart.

"If you're willing, then I will give you this right."

Yan Rusheng's tender and charming voice rang in her ears. This was like a dream come true, but she didn't have the courage to hear it anymore.

Feeling awkward, she struggled to break free and withdrew herself from his embrace. In a flash, she rolled over to the other side of the bed and got off.

"I'm awake now. I'll be visiting the orphanage with Zhou Shuang today."

Xuxu informed him as she walked towards the wardrobe.

Yan Rusheng sat up lazily and leaned against the headboard. Calm and unruffled, he looked at the little woman whose back was facing him. Her tiny frame was dressed in an oversized bathrobe as she stood on the dark-brown wooden floor. It made one feel like protecting her.

"Keep me company and sleep in for a bit. I don't feel like going to work today." He originally intended to go back to office this weekend. But because he was feeling cheerful today, he suddenly thought of staying home with her.

Or do just what other husbands would normally doaccompany his wife to go shopping.

Just as long as he could be with her.

Xuxu paused when she heard this. She didn't know how to respond to his sincere request.

It was indeed rare for him to rest on a weekend. Even if he was home, he would be cooped up in the study room the entire day.

Even though they had been sharing the same bed for some time now, but each morning, he was already away from her side by the time she opened her eyes...

Yes, indeed, a day like today was really hard to come by.

"Wen Xuxu, I want you to come here and sleep in with me, and you dare to hesitate?"

Yan Rusheng's imperious temper was brewing. Hearing a slight change in his tone, Xuxu had to think on her feet.

She turned around and knitted her eyebrows. "I'm hungry. I want to go downstairs for some food."

In any case, she just didn't want to lie down on that bedshe knew how easily she forgot herself in front of Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng didn't make things difficult for her and calmly replied, "Then let's go together."