Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 247

Chapter 247: In The Blink Of An Eye, More Than Ten Years Gone By

Xuxu stared at him, speechless, "..."

It would be so impolite to stand someone up.

Yet, he was still acting so haughty and said it in such tyrannical tone. If Zhou Shuang hears of this, she would definitely bad-mouth him even more.

Him wanting to bring her out for lunch was probably just to accompany him for his social engagements. If so, she'd prefer not to go.

"I've already promised the children from the orphanage that I'll be visiting them again, and it's been some time since I last went there."

So no matter what I say, she's still visiting the orphanage today?

Yan Rusheng was annoyed. "Wen Xuxu, it's not a good idea to disappoint me."

He had pushed away all his business engagements just to be with her because he wanted a taste of what it's like to spend the weekend with her as husband and wife, just like any ordinary couple.

And she had the gall to turn him down.

"Sigh. You..." Xuxu mulled over her what to say and stopped short.

Of course, she should be the one giving in, yet she'd almost acted beyond the status of their relationship.

She lowered her head and continued to sip her porridge.

"I'll go with you next week."

All of a sudden, she heard Yan Rusheng's voice from across her, but this time, his tone had softened.

Xuxu was startled. She raised her head in astonishment and stared blankly at his charming face.

After a period of silence, she asked uncertainly, "Are you saying that you'll come with me to the orphanage next week?"

Young Master Yan examined her reaction and raised his eyebrows smugly. "Are you overwhelmed with joy?"

"..." Xuxu rolled her eyes.

If he hadn't asked this question, she really would have been overwhelmed with joy. But after hearing it, that feeling had instantly vanished.

She lowered her head and curled her lips in disbelief. This guy was too full of himself.

After breakfast, Xuxu called Zhou Shuang and explained the situation to her.

As expected, Miss Zhou was exasperated after hearing that she was being stood up and the culprit was Yan Rusheng. She immediately bashed him, her mouth rattling on like a machine gun.

Xuxu listened patiently before hanging up the phone.


"Why are you dawdling when you haven't even put on your makeup?"

After changing her clothes, Xuxu emerged from the room. Dressed in a casual outfit, Yan Rusheng appeared at the entrance of her room.

When he saw her coming out, he knitted his eyebrows impatiently and chided her.

It was rare to see him donning a casual white T-shirt and gray Adidas sports shoes instead of his usual formal work attire. He leaned languidly against the door frame, both hands stuffed into the pockets of his pants.

At this moment, Xuxu felt as if time had turned back more than ten years ago.

That year, they had just graduated from high school, and Grandmother had enrolled them for summer camp. The morning before they set off, Xuxu had also taken her own sweet time to pack her things in her room.

When she opened the door, he'd just burst into her line of sight unexpectedly. Similarly, he had also dressed casually as he leaned against the door frame of her room. It made her heart pound with eagerness.

Back then, he'd also berated her in the same fashion.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten years gone by.

Should that same old scene reappear now, she would still feel awestruck by his breathtaking splendor.

But what was so good about him? He had a malicious tongue, was a hypocrite and a womanizer, his heart was with someone else, and he was also a perpetual liar. He was so loathsome, yet she still loved him.

A sudden thought flashed through her mind. Should I be jumping with joy because I can still stand beside him right now?

Regardless of his status, she was Yan Rusheng's wife, and they shared the same bed at night. In the future, they would bear and raise children...

She mocked herself as she thought about it. Wen Xuxu, how far will you lower yourself?