Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Take One Step At A Time

"What are you thinking about?"

The sound of Yan Rusheng's voice broke her train of thought.

She was jolted back to the present. With a shake of her head, she gave him a faint smile and answered, "Nothing much. Let's go."

She linked her hand around his arm, naturally and casually.

In those few minutes, she came to a conclusion. If she kept harping on the fact that she would never be able to win his heart, she'd just be creating unnecessary trouble and agony for herself.

She should treasure what she has now. That would be the best thing to doto take it one step at a time.

Her actions were a pleasant surprise for Yan Rusheng.

His delight was immeasurable, and every single cell in his body seemed full to bursting from excitement.

He was forced to rack his brains just to deal with this stupid woman.

A smart woman would use whatever method possible to please a man like him. But this stupid woman was incorrigiblea fact that only left him feeling frustrated and upset.


If Young Master Yan wanted to purchase something, there would be no room for negotiation. Their first stop was the largest mall in the capital city. The mall carried a collection of the world's most premium and expensive luxury brands.

It was Xuxu's first time going there. She had heard of it beforeonly the wealthiest millionaires would step foot in this mall.

Yan Rusheng led her straight to the third floor which was the highest floor in the entire mall.

They passed by a few brands and the price tag on every item made her insides shiver.

When they reached the third floor, Yan Rusheng pulled her to a sales counter labeled with the name 'Private Customization'. Xuxu only saw these two words and didn't notice the English brand name next to it.

The minute they entered, a salesperson welcomed them. She had a tag on her chest with the words 'Store Manager' printed on it.

"Third Master, why have you come by personally today?"

The store manager was around 25 years old, and her appearance and sense of class were exceptional. With a customer like Yan Rusheng, her eyes still glinted with excitement even with years of life and work experience under her belt.

Xuxu mocked herself silently; she shouldn't have gone out with him. He keeps attracting unwanted attention from the ladies.

She knew that this pretty store manager was quite close to him based on her greetings and manner of speaking. At the very least, he should be a regular customer.

At the thought of this, she sized up the store manager once more. The manager wore a body-hugging uniform which wasn't too feminine, and her features were perfect.

She grew rather uneasy the more she looked at her. She unintentionally tightened her grip on Yan Rusheng's arm.

The store manager chatted briefly with Yan Rusheng, her gaze filled with infatuation. After a few seconds, she shifted her gaze towards Xuxu.

Xuxu saw her looking at her, and she straightened her posture so that her chest was sticking out. With a slight lift of her chin, she moved herself closer to Yan Rusheng.

Her series of actions seemed to declare that this man was her husband.

She had no idea what had come over her. Yan Rusheng merely said that he'd go to the orphanage with her next week. And to her surprise, she was practically falling at his feet.

"Third Madam Yan is here as well. Please take a seat inside." The pretty store manager didn't notice Xuxu's intentions and even welcomed her warmly.

Xuxu suddenly felt that she was being too petty and ridiculous.

She released her grip on Yan Rusheng's arm and followed the store manager to a white leather couch in the middle of the shop.

Yan Rusheng settled down next to her and instantly, another salesgirl hurried forward. "Third Young Master, Third Madam Yan, what would you like to drink?"



They answered together in a heartbeat.

Slightly startled, they both looked at each other simultaneously.