Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Why Should She Feel The Pinch On His Behalf?

The store manager could sense Yan Rusheng's interest in the couple series and immediately saw a wonderful opportunity. "This checkered series uses white as the base color. The gray and white combination is suitable for both men and ladies."

"They look stylish and classy when paired with black pants. They're suitable for any occasion."

They're suitable for any occasion...

Yan Rusheng immediately thought of the new product launch press conference at the end of the month. If both of them attended the conference in matching outfits, wouldn't it be awesome?

"We'll take it." He turned to look at Wen Xuxu for her opinion.

Xuxu was completely startledshe was dead positive that he wouldn't wear the couple outfits. To her surprise, he had changed.

She was curious to know what was so special about the couple series for it to attract Third Young Master's attention.

She stole a glance at the pictures, but she felt that the design wasn't really that unique or eye-catching. It looked like just another ordinary trendy outfit.

But there was a picture below with a male and female model standing together wearing the couple outfits, and they instantly exuded the charm and appeal of the clothing. This couple outfit was meant to be worn by a couple, and the synergy effects were evident.

She stared at the picture for a long time and observed that the unique point of the outfit lay in the gray checkered design.

After realizing the brilliance and exquisiteness of the design, her eyes seemed to explode with fireworks. She found herself falling in love with the couple outfits and couldn't bear to avert her eyes away.

Great! She likes it!

Yan Rusheng saw the visible admiration and approval in her eyes, and he curled his lips, apparently pleased with himself. He immediately glanced meaningfully at the store manager.

She understood his message and had her staff take Xuxu's measurements without further ado.

After Xuxu's measurements were taken, the store manager looked at Yan Rusheng and asked politely, "Third Young Master, should I use your usual measurements?"

Yan Rusheng nodded in response.

"Alright then." The store manager went to get the bill and presented it to Yan Rusheng. "Third Young Master, this is the fee for the couple outfit customization, the total is 30,000. We will send it to your address within a week."

Only 30,000 yuan? Xuxu didn't look at the bill, but when she heard the price, her jaw dropped in surprise.

At such a high-end mall, the customization fee is only 30,000 yuan?

It really is a steal.

Yan Rusheng received the bill and passed it to Xuxu. "You keep it then."

When he heard the store manager state the fee, he quietly observed Xuxu's expressions and guessed that she would react this way.

Everything was just as expectedit put him in a more joyful mood.

Xuxu received the bill and was about to fold it before putting it away.

Yan Rusheng's amused voice sounded again, "I didn't expect it to only be 30,000 pounds."

What? 30,000 pounds?!

Xuxu heard the word 'pounds', and her hand trembled. The bill almost slipped from her fingers.

She unfolded the bill and examined the bill carefully. She was blown away...

Indeed, it was 30,000 pounds.

She knew the answer all along. At such a high-end mall, how can the customization fee for two outfits only be worth 30,000 yuan?

This 30,000 wasn't the figure that she'd assumed it to be. It was nearly 300,000 yuan, and she almost died from shock.

Yesterday she had already spent 400,000 yuan.

Xuxu lowered her head as she tried to hide her frustration. Yan Rusheng was tickled at the sight of her expression. "The restaurant I went to last night was good. Let's go there for lunch."

Suddenly, Xuxu didn't feel the pinch anymore.

She'd only spent a few hundred thousand with his credit card. But he had booked an entire restaurant to enjoy dinner with a celebrity and probably went shopping with her afterward. He most likely spent a million yuan in one night.

So why should she feel the pinch on his behalf?