Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Why Are You Letting Your Imagination Run Wild When You Look At Me?

After thinking it through, she folded the bill carelessly and chucked it into her bag. It looked like she was keeping some random receipt from the supermarket.

The staff in the shop interpreted her casual actions as the natural conduct of the wealthy.

Xuxu shifted her gaze to Yan Rusheng who seemed to wear a lingering shadow of a smile on his good-looking face. She declined casually, "I don't feel like having Western cuisine for lunch."

"You knew that I went to a Western restaurant yesterday?" Yan Rusheng feigned a look of surprise.

When he heard her response, it only reaffirmed the speculations in his heart, making Young Master Yan really pleased and satisfied.

Indeed, time will change everything, including a person's heart.

Xuxu coldly rolled her eyes at him. "The fact that you booked an entire restaurant to have dinner with the beautiful actress Weng Meimei has spread across the city. Perhaps even the whole country or even the whole universe is aware."

She read the headlines this morning, including the details of the situation and the restaurant. The paparazzi had captured and described the dinner date in detail, so it was no longer a secret.

With the news report, she could face his questions while still looking unperturbed.

Yan Rusheng saw her clear and unfeeling eyes and a flash of disappointment streaked through his heart. The feeling was faint, but it pricked his heart and left him vexed.

He didn't believe that he'd gotten the wrong idea; Zhou Shuang's text had made it clear that Xuxu was angry over his dinner with Weng Meimei.

No doubt, being composed was one of her strengths.

If she was deliberately trying to hide it, she wouldn't reveal a single thing that would give her jealousy away.

Young Master Yan consoled himself, and his mood lightened considerably. Without thinking much about all the eyes focusing on him, he held Xuxu's hand and said, "Let's go get some lunch."

They left the shop, and Xuxu sneaked a peek at Yan Rusheng tightly holding her hand. Then she moved her eyes upwards to his body.

His casual outfit brought out his youthful and sunny disposition. From any angle, he looked extremely attractive.

She couldn't help but tighten her grip around his hand.

When she saw their fingers intertwined together, she felt that they looked like a couple in love and out on a date right now.

Even though she knew it was a one-sided illusion on her part, nevertheless it lifted up her mood, and she walked beside him cheerfully.


Yan Rusheng led Xuxu to a nearby restaurantthe signboard at the restaurant's entrance showed that they specialized in spice food, which made Xuxu feel a little touched.

They entered the restaurant, and she heard him exchanging words with the waiter. She realized that he had already reserved a private room.

So he said those things at the 'Private Customization' shop on purpose?

But why? Why did he intentionally suggest that they dine at the restaurant he went to last night?

Was it because I was too obvious with my jealousy last night and he realized it?

Xuxu began to get restless and uneasy at her suspicions. She timidly looked at Yan Rusheng, and from her position, she could only see half of his face.

She couldn't read anything from his expression.

Thus, she tried to recall everything that happened last night after he got home. But she couldn't seem to think of anything suspicious. And as she concentrated on her thoughts, her face began to heat up, and she slowly started to blush crimson.

She had no idea how she'd managed to muster enough courage to act like that yesterday.

"It's broad daylightwhy are you letting your imagination run wild when you look at me?"

Yan Rusheng turned around and noticed the tiny woman next to him was staring at his lower body. She was blushing and obviously thinking of something improper.

Her bashful expression stirred up his heart once again.