Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Don't You Have Anything To Ask Me?

Xuxu's eyes swept over the ticketthe movie title was 'Hi, Miss Undercover'. She recalled seeing advertisements promoting this movie at bus stops, online sites, and through various media platforms recently.

She didn't notice who was playing the main lead and realized it only after she received the movie tickets.

"How could we decline such a nice gesture from Miss Weng?" Yan Rusheng extended his hand gracefully to take the movie tickets and nodded, his demeanor was gentlemanly. He glanced at Xuxu and passed the tickets to her. "Keep it with you."

"Okay." Xuxu stored the tickets away in her bag.

She thought to herself; this Miss Weng isn't a simple lady. She managed to make this arrogant guy exchange pleasantries with her. If it were anyone else, he wouldn't even be bothered to look at the ticket and would definitely give her a curt and cold reply. He might even decline their invite right on the spot.

But today, he personally took the tickets from her and not only that, he was even conversing politely with her.

Xuxu knew that he wasn't planning to bring her to support Miss Weng's movie and these two tickets would probably go to waste.

Anyway, she didn't really care since she didn't particularly feel like going to the movie theater. She was probably past that age of feeling disappointed. Thus, she wasn't even harboring any expectations in the first place.

Xuxu lowered her head as she ate, lost in her thoughts.

Yan Rusheng's voice interrupted her musings. "Xuxu, our company is inviting Miss Weng to be the guest for our new product launch press conference. You've been overseeing this project from the start, so you should get to know Miss Weng as well."

The guest for the new product launch press conference?

Xuxu raised her head and shifted her gaze to Weng Meimei. The actress had a coy smile, and she looked enchanting and charming. It was a stark contrast to the aggressive image she had on screen.

If Xuxu were a man, she probably wouldn't reject a lady like her.

If Yan Rusheng ended up choosing her and Xuxu was the outsider, she would even applaud him for having exceptional taste.

But what did he mean by acting like this?

He'd chosen a restaurant that served her favorite dishes, but he had also asked his rumored fling to join them. Was he trying to make sure that the lawful wife only-in-name must co-exist with his mistress?

This didn't seem like his style.

Combined with his earlier statements, she couldn't help but feel that he was trying to clarify his relationship with Weng Meimei.

He wanted to tell her that last night's dinner with Weng Meimei had been purely about business.

But this sounded both incredulous and ridiculous in her mindwhy would he need to explain himself to her when he met other women?

But her heart was beating wildly at this seemingly ridiculous illusion.

"What are you thinking about?"

He saw that she'd fallen silent and her mouth wasn't chewing her food anymore. Yan Rusheng frowned slightly, looking perplexed as he questioned her.

"Nothing much." Xuxu shook her head and gracefully raised her glass. She said to Weng Meimei, "It's an honor to be able to invite Miss Weng."

Weng Meimei raised her glass as well and smiled. "Third Madam Yan, thank you for thinking so highly of me. It's my honor and pleasure too."

Yan Rusheng didn't speak; instead, Xuxu and Weng Meimei started conversing politely.

Weng Meimei didn't stay for too long before she excused herself.

After Weng Meimei left, Xuxu moved the plate of spicy pickled fish towards her and began hungrily picking up the food. She was thoroughly enjoying the meal as she focused only on her food and nothing else.

It seemed that nothing else was as important as the spicy pickled fish. Young Master Yan couldn't hold back anymore, and he glared at her angrily. "Wen Xuxu, don't you have anything to ask me?"