Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 256

Chapter 256: I'll Try My Best To Atone For My Sin

She had lewd thoughts about his body when he wasn't looking?

Xuxu heard his accusation and almost vomited blood due to exasperation. Wasn't she the one who had fallen asleep first?

She had no inkling of anything that happened afterward.

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in your body at all."

Her eyes swept across Young Master Yan's chest scornfully and she stood up. She adjusted her clothes before striding towards the exit.

Yan Rusheng turned cold because of Xuxu's words. "Then whose body are you interested in?"

He got up and he caught up to her in no time with the advantage of a pair of lanky legs. She grabbed her arm and warned her. "You have to keep in mind that you're my wife now. You can only think of me."

Xuxu halted and turned around. She lifted her head and looked at him with sparkling eyes. "How about you?"

She had overlooked his feelings and love and tried her best to fit into her role in this marriage.

Why should he care about her feelings and love then?

Recently, both of them were getting immersed in their roles. Shouldn't they continue in this way to sustain this marriage?

He had suddenly customized couple outfits, brought her out for lunch and a movie, and even clarified his rumors with another woman...

All these made her overjoyed and left her with hope and expectations.

But she didn't dare to harbor hope easily. To expect him to forget Fang Jiayin whom he had yearned for these years.

She didn't dare to hope that he would be able to forgive her for causing Grandmother's death. Or to hope that he would lessen his loathing towards her all within these few months.

As he had once promised her that they would never be apart.

But he appeared hand in hand with another woman in front of her at the next moment.

She had chased him relentlessly all these years and all these had proven that he had made the promise to the wrong person that night. She was merely a substitute for another woman.

She took a deep breath but spoke lightly. "Yes, without Grandmother, I wouldn't be here today. But I've caused her death and this is what I owed her and the Yan family. I'll try my best to atone for my sin."

She flung his hand away as she said, "Sorry, but my heart is in my body. It's mine."

She finished and turned to walk hastily away.

She loved him, but he wasn't everything in her world.

Yan Rusheng's hand hovered in mid-air and he watched Xuxu vanished from his sight. She was prideful, cold and unyielding. She had instantly and callously extinguished his determination and passion to court her.

He thought that her behavior last night had meant that she had accepted him.

That's why he mustered his courage to explain to her and even asked someone for movie tickets.

To his surprise, she only wanted to make amends and even asked him not to get his feelings involved.

He wanted to chase after her and say, 'Wen Xuxu, I'm the one who caused Grandmother's death. You don't owe us anything and you don't need to atone for anything. You can leave now."

But he remained rooted to the ground; he was afraid that she might really heed his words and never return.


His car made a turn and entered the courtyard. In a split second, he stopped the car outside the main doors.

The car owner got down and slammed the door behind him.

"Wen Xuxu isn't back yet?" Yan Rusheng asked the butler the moment he entered the house.

He exuded an eerie and chilly aura and his expression was gloomy and dark. The butler shivered a little before answering politely, "Young madam isn't back yet."

Then a doubt shot across the butler, 'Didn't you go out with Young Madam this morning?'

Yan Rusheng remained mum and changed into his slippers. He strode over to the living room.

He was about to ascend the stairs when a servant called out to him. "Third Young Master."

He paused as his gaze slowly turned towards the servant.

"A parcel came for the young madam this afternoon." She held a small box and walked towards him.