Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Did She Meet Any Crooks?

Her parcel?

Yan Rusheng received the box apprehensively, retraced his footsteps and sat on the sofa.

She had always used the company address for her online purchases. It was the first time she had parcels sent to the house, he thought to himself as he glanced at the parcel.

The sender was from 'Tiny Stars Orphanage'.

Was it the orphanage that she and Zhou Shuang had visited previously? Why would the orphanage send her something?

He couldn't hold back his inquisitiveness and ripped the parcel open. When he opened the box, he saw a red hand-woven bracelet with two colorful little bells dangling from it. The bells were decorated with some cartoon characters.

At the first glance, he felt that this was too childish.

His thoughts didn't linger long on the bracelet as he rummaged inside the box for a card and photos.

Words were written in untidy handwriting on the card. 'Sister Xuxu and Sister Zhou Shuang, thank you for your kindness. We hope that you will stay happy and pretty.'

It ended with a huge smiley face.

Yan Rusheng remained stony-faced as he stared at the smiley face. It was childish indeed, and his heart didn't soften at all.

He started to flip through the photos and Xuxu was smiling brightly in every of the photos.

Yan Rusheng paused when he saw a photo of Xuxu hugging a three-year-old-girl as they sat on a stool.

In the photo, Xuxu was hugging a disheveled-looking little girl and the girl's whole attention was on her candy. Xuxu's eyes were looking at the little girl's hair and surprisingly, that gaze made him feel that she was... filled with motherly love.

As his fingers gripped the photo tightly, he settled himself back against the sofa. His eyes remained fixated on the photo with a deep and intense expression.

Did women naturally possess motherly love? She didn't have any kids but why were her eyes overflowing with motherly love?

He raised his other hand and gently caressed Xuxu's face in the photo with his thumb. He noticed how gentle and protective she was towards a child.

Unexpectedly, he began to get jealous for his future children and for himself. When will she be able to treat him in this way too?

But he was sure of a factshe loved children.

Even though he didn't witness it in person, but every expression and smile was genuine in the photos.

After he pored through the photos, he returned everything back into the box. He stared at the box with an intense gaze with slightly knitted eyebrows as he entered a protracted period of deep thought.

Wen Xuxu, if we have a child, will our relationship improve?

Maybe she would fall in love with him if they have a child together.

Hmmm, this sounds like a good plan. And he doesn't have to waste so much effort to highlight his strengths to her in order for her to fall in love with him.

To deal with a stupid woman who is unable to tell good from bad, he had to be overbearing and simply tyrannical.

Perhaps due to a feasible plan or the photos...

His mood lightened up considerably.


After Yan Rusheng had showered, he waited eagerly for her to be back so that he can carry out his plan.

But the sky was getting dark and Xuxu wasn't back yet. He stood by the windows in the study as he stared at the entrance of the courtyard. The anxiousness in his eyes began to burgeon.

As seconds and minutes passed by, he began to start worrying.

He was worried if Xuxu met any bad guys, or perhaps she went to meet Jiang Zhuoheng...

Infinite possibilities went through his head in a split second and finally he couldn't control it any longer. He strode over to his desk and dialed Xuxu's number on his phone.