Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 258

Chapter 258: As Long As It's Worthy

When he heard the dial tone from the other end of the line, he heaved a sigh of relief. At least it ruled out the probability of her being in the hands of crooks.

The phone rang for quite a while before someone answered. It was a familiar voice that he had missed . "Hello."

"Where are you?" Yan Rusheng asked with a frown.

Her voice sounded as if she was munching on something in her mouth.

Xuxu replied, "I planned to call you after my dinner. I am at my grandfather's house. Qi Lei had returned home as his Grand Aunt Lei had passed away. As my grandfather's movements are still not nimble, I intend to stay with him for the next few days."

So she won't be returning home tonight?

Oh no, not only tonight. It would be for the next few nights.

He turned and took a glance at his laptop screen. The downloading of the latest blockbuster movie was completed. He had made plans to watch it with her tonight, but it was not possible anymore.

He was upset that his plans were wrecked had the urge to smash up his phone in anger.

"Okay." Yan Rusheng fought hard to suppress his emotions and answered lightly. After pausing briefly, he added, "Let grandfather know that I'll visit him when I have the time."

He used to use 'your grandfather' to refer to Xuxu's grandfather. But now, he referred to him as 'grandfather' so naturally.

Xuxu listened intently and remained silent for a while before replying, "Okay."

After they hung up, Xuxu continued with her dinner.

Grandfather, who was sitting opposite her, asked inquisitively, "Was the call from Third Yan?"

Xuxu rolled her eyes at her grandfather, suggesting to him that he was asking the obvious. If it wasn't him, then who else could it be?

The old man added, "Grandfather keeps forgetting to ask you, how is the progress of your relationship?"

Xuxu was speechless. "..."

He was already over eighty years old yet still such a busybody, trying to inquire about the private lives of others.

Of course, she wouldn't tell him about the progress of her relationship with Yan Rusheng. Since he had a lack of respect for others, just let him be anxious about it.

The old man saw her furrowed eyebrows. Sensing that she was trying to avoid his question, he chided her. "You bad lass. You may find grandfather a nag now. But when I pass on just like Wang Daqin, you will not have anyone else to nag at you."

At the mention of Wang Daqin, Xuxu was upset again and she slowed down her chewing.

She lowered her gaze and took a while to recompose herself before raised her head again to look at grandfather. "Grandfather, what was the least dignified thing that you've done?"

She deliberated for a while. Without waiting for the old man to respond, she rephrased her question. "Or, what is your minimum acceptable standard with regards to one's self-dignity?"

Upon hearing this, the old man answered coldly, "Hm, I'm unable to comprehend the warp thoughts and inclinations of the young. As far as my own principles are concerned, I will not consider about any minimum standards if I feel that something is worthy."

As long as it's worthy.

Worthiness. How do one measure worthiness? Was he worthy?

It was still inconvenient for grandfather to move around. Xuxu applied for a few days of leave until Qi Lei returns.

During the day, the old man insisted on opening his shop and Xuxu was unable to stop him.

For two consecutive days, only close friends came and showed concerned to the old man, but no patients came for consultation. Perhaps they were aware that the old man was unwell and not in the condition to treat patients.

"May I know if Wen Xuxu is around?"

Xuxu was on the second floor when she heard an unfamiliar voice asking grandfather about her. She was startled.

She hurried downstairs.