Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Pay With Her Life For Committing Murder

"What did you say?" After a long period of silence, Xuxu finally opened her mouth. Her neck was tilted to one side, and her body trembled briefly. Her crystal-clear eyes suddenly froze with a layer of bone-chilling grimness.

She clenched her fists tightly, and a murderous aura sprung up from within her.

Ming Zhongshengthe all-powerful man in the business worldwas filled with traces of fear, and he fought hard to compose himself. "Xinyi was arrested after Wang Daqin's funeral. Didn't Third Yan tell you about it?"

He was still brooding over the fact that Xuxu didn't know the truth of Wang Daqin's death.

Yan Rusheng had gone to great lengths and sought help from his contacts just to suppress this matter and prevent it from leaking to the media.

But Ming Zhongsheng had had his misgivings. Back then, when Xinyi had merely pulled a prank on Xuxu to scare her, Yan Rusheng chased her out of Flourish & Prosper which eventually became high-profile news that spread like wildfire.

But this time, a life was lost. Xinyi had caused the death of his grandmother. Yet, he handled it with so inconspicuously. Other than letting Xinyi suffer and being tormented in jail, he didn't divulge any further details to the public.

Otherwise, even if Ming Zhongsheng exhausted all his connections, it still wouldn't be possible for him to suppress this matter.

Having a murderer in the Ming family, they would inevitably be at the receiving end of various public opinions and condemnationsuch a scandal would greatly impact their family.

It also wouldn't be possible for him to help Xinyi even with his connections.

"Chairman Ming, your granddaughter is a murderer, yet you still have the gall to come and plead with me." Xuxu's lips quivered as she continued coldly, "She's nothing but vicious and deserves to be hacked to pieces."

Ming Zhongsheng had a sinking feeling that Xuxu would react aggressively towards him, but she did not. There was only a murderous aura encircling her as if she was about to explode with rage.

"She doesn't deserve to be forgiven. But her actions were only because Third Yan was too heartless, which drove her to commit such a grave mistake."

At the mention of Yan Rusheng, Ming Zhongsheng couldn't restrain his emotions and started getting worked up.

In his heart, Yan Rusheng had destroyed his granddaughterhis only beloved granddaughter.

"She's already an adult." Xuxu suddenly stood up like a volcano that had just erupted and the vehicle jolted. Bending down, she leaned towards Ming Zhongsheng. There was a flash of coldness in her eyes as she gnashed her teeth. "She has to pay with her life for committing murder."

She straightened her back and was preparing to leave.

Suddenly, Ming Zhongsheng begged her, "Please persuade Third Yan to let Xinyi off. I will send her overseas and forbid her to return to this country again."

Xuxu didn't turn back to look at him. With a voice filled with ice, she replied without hesitation, "As long as I'm still alive, I'll make sure Wen Xinyi pays for it with her life."

When Ming Zhongsheng heard this, he lost all hope.

They were indeed brought up by Wang Daqin. Regardless of which aspect, this stupid lass and Third Yan were so astonishingly similar.

Where matters of the heart were concerned, there was no leeway.

Both appeared to be noble and virtuous and so icily arrogant. No one would be able to discover their weaknesses.

It would be so difficult to deal with such people.

No wonder Wang Daqin wanted to keep the girl by Third Yan's side. With her assisting him, Flourish & Prosper would undoubtedly head towards a glorious future.

Ming Zhongsheng had already known that it was hopeless to beg Xuxu to persuade Yan Rusheng, but he couldn't bear to see his granddaughter spending the rest of her life in jail. He knew that there was no way to conceal the truth forever, and that it would all come to light one day.