Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Don't You Care About Your Life?

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Wang Daqin was an influential person in the business world. If the cause of her death were made public, it would inevitably cause an uproar.

Should that happen, Bright Vision’s reputation in the business world would go downhill.

So, he must not let it happen.

He stared at Xuxu’s back with his turbid-looking eyes and spoke sincerely, “The Yan and Ming family have maintained close ties for many years, and Wang Daqin and I have had countless business dealings with each other. Her death has certainly brought me a lot of grief and guilt.”

His voice was choked with emotion. “Xinyi is not a murderer and didn’t plan on killing anyone. She was just filled with hatred for Third Yan for his heartlessness and wanted to vent her anger, which resulted in this horrific accident.”

Xuxu turned her head upon hearing this and frowned coolly. “Having said all this, you just wanted to tell me that Yan Rusheng was the real cause of my grandmother’s death, am I right?”

Ming Zhongsheng didn’t deny it because this was his exact sentiments. If Third Yan hadn’t gone overboard, none of this would have happened.

Third Yan didn’t feel that he was in the wrong and had pushed all the blame to his granddaughter. This was something that Ming Zhongsheng couldn’t take lying down.

By any means possible, he must save Xinyi.

He stared at Xuxu, his eyes full of schemes. “You married Third Yan out of guilt, but he doesn’t have you in his heart. His girlfriend is currently overseas, but she’ll be coming back soon. Do you want to end up dumped by him after you bear him a child?”

“Ha!” Xuxu snickered, her lips curling into a cynical smile. “I finally know why after all these years, Bright Vision is still inferior to Flourish & Prosper. This is because, compared to my grandmother…”

She paused deliberately and then continued word-by-word. “You… fall… far… short…”

After dropping that statement, she turned and got out of the luxurious vehicle, not giving a damn about Ming Zhongsheng.

Her steps were firm and heavy.

She strode on, one step after another. As she walked down the busy road, the sounds of ear-piercing horns came from both directions.

As she reached the side of the road, she suddenly stopped in her steps. She looked at a car that was fast approaching her and ignored the angry honking of its horn.

Knock me down. Knock me down, so I no longer have anything to do with him again.

“Wen Xuxu, what are you trying to do?!”

All of a sudden, a familiar figure flashed in front of her face. He yelled at her as he pulled her into his embrace.

It was Ah Heng, who had never before lost his cool with her.

Xuxu saw that he’d turned pale with fright and broke into laughter. “I was just lost in my thoughts. Why are you so anxious?”

She spoke calmly as she withdrew from his embrace.

She owed him too much and had failed to live up to her promise. She didn’t deserve to let him dry her tears again.

Since she wasn’t dead, then she’d better live her life well.

Why did he cruelly keep the truth from me? Was it to make me live in guilt in the Yan family?

Grandmother saved her life. Even if she had to work her fingers to the bone for the Yan family, she would do it without a word of complaint.

Jiang Zhuoheng looked at the playful-looking Xuxu and thought of her disheartened look from earlier. She could be so adorable and yet so hateful.

Forget it. Since you don’t want to say anything and don’t want me to know, I’ll pretend not to know.

“Next time, pay attention when you’re crossing the road and don’t space out so much. Don’t you care about your life?”

His tone was filled with his usual affection and tenderness, mixed with a tinge of regret.