Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 263

Chapter 263: She Wasn't That Afraid Anymore

Earlier, he'd been so terrified and shocked to see her standing motionless by the road. Her face looked like she was seeking death. When he dashed over, he had the crazy thought that if he didn't manage to pull her back in time, he would die together with her.

"Why are you here?" Xuxu changed the topic as she walked towards her grandfather's clinic.

Jiang Zhuoheng strode beside her and said, "I'm here to visit Grandfather. It's been days since I last saw him."

Xuxu's mood lightened up considerably as she chatted with Jiang Zhuoheng. And she gradually forgot that she'd tried looking for death just minutes ago.


She could hear her grandfather's voice even before she entered. Xuxu grinned while thinking of the unfortunate person who was being 'duped' by her grandfather to play chess together with him.

Old Wen had the title of 'Chess King' in the vicinity. No other chess-lover in this area could beat him.

So to play chess with him would be to look for trouble intentionally.

Xuxu saw the elderly man who was playing chess with her grandfather and smiled brightly at him. She greeted him, "Grandfather Zhang, you're here to play chess with my grandfather again."

"Xuxu is here." Grandfather Zhang nodded with a bright smile as well, and his gaze landed on Jiang Zhuoheng who stood beside Xuxu. "And Xiao Jiang is here as well, it's been a long time."

Startled, Xuxu turned to Jiang Zhuoheng. "Do you know Grandfather Zhang too?"

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled mysteriously but didn't reply.

"You've been doing quite well, I suppose." Xuxu clenched her fist as she punched him lightly on his shoulder.

She knew what had happened even without him saying anything. He probably dropped by a lot after she got married to Yan Rusheng.

Her heart was filled with an explicable gratitude.

But the more he did for her, the deeper her feelings of regret and guilt towards him.

"Alright, alright. Stop killing all my soldiers. My army is almost defeated and you're still being so callous."

Old Master Wen ignored his pleas as he continued to destroy all his pieces till he was left with just a 'knight' and two soldiers. Without checkmating the king, he merely hopped around with his 'knight' to prolong the other man's suffering. Grandfather Zhang nearly flipped over the chess set out of sheer frustration.

After Grandfather Zhang left, Jiang Zhuoheng took over and accompanied Old Wen for a game.

Both of their skills were on par but the old man constantly kept protesting. Xuxu leaned back on the rocking chair, and at times she would peek her head out from the book to uphold the peace.

She saw how her grandfather would grab Jiang Zhuoheng's hand and try to wriggle his way out using his age to his advantage. He would also lecture him affectionately, acting like his elder or a grandfather.

The expression in her eyes turned thoughtful. If it weren't for the accident, would she have such a cozy and comfortable life with him right now?

Her phone rang with a text notification.

Xuxu snapped out of her musings and glanced at the screen. The text was from Yan Rusheng.

She could read the entire message from the screen. "I'm going to Country Y for a business trip. Stay at your grandfather's place for the next few days."

She averted her eyes from the screen after reading the text, covering her face with her book.

'... he doesn't have you in his heart. His girlfriend is currently overseas, but she'll be coming back soon. Do you want to end up dumped by him after you bear him a child?'

Ming Zhongsheng's words echoed in her mind once more.

She didn't forget that the old man had selfish motives. For Bright Vision and his granddaughter, he would have investigated both her and Yan Rusheng's private matters.

Fang Jiayin should be coming back soon...

But she wasn't that afraid or worried over her impending return. At the thought of them possibly flaunting their love right in front of her, her heart didn't ache as much as it did before.