Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 266

Chapter 266 The Boss Was In A Bad Mood Right Now

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It had almost been a month since Xuxu’s last visit and the children rushed towards them happily as if the ladies were their own family members.

Previously, Xuxu came with Zhou Shuang. This time around, there was a tall and handsome big brother accompanying them. And they even brought more presents with them. Everyone was cheering and yelling happily to express their keen excitement.

“Hurry up.”

The black Mercedes S600 sped all the way from the airport.

The gorgeous guy sitting in the front passenger seat had eagerness written all over his face as he urged the chauffeur to speed up.

After urging him once more, he tilted his head down to look at his cell phone’s wallpaper. A woman’s peaceful sleeping expression tugged at his heartstrings.

That callous, stupid woman didn’t even contact me throughout the four days I was gone. She didn’t even reply when I put aside my pride to let her know I’d be away for the next few days.

Nevertheless, he was still anxious to return home as swiftly as possible, and this thought plagued him relentlessly throughout the entire trip. It even kept him sneaking glances at her aloof-looking face.

His trip was originally planned for a week, but he shortened it to four days.

So he didn’t inform her beforehand. He had promised to make a trip to the orphanage with her on Saturday. So he had specifically chosen this return flight so that he could get to the orphanage before she did.

With this thought, he looked behind him at the seats filled with bags of toys and snacks he had bought overseas.

Since she likes children, I’ll have to pander to her liking.

He thought that they would be able to dispel their misgivings in this way.

It was autumn, and orange leaves were falling everywhere. They reached the suburbs in the capital city, and occasionally he would spot farmers harvesting their golden crops. He saw such lovely and charming sights all around him.

He rolled down the window and spotted a courtyard right ahead of them. He could hear the children’s joyful laughter from a distance.

It lightened his mood considerably, and his heart unconsciously filled up with hope.

This is going to be a wonderful day!

The car stopped slowly outside the entrance of the orphanage. Yan Rusheng peeked his head out of the car and spotted a Land Rover.

He seemed to have seen Zhou Shuang driving this car before.

Are they already inside?

He pushed the door to exit from the car and informed the chauffeur, “Bring in the things from the car.”

After instructing him, he walked eagerly towards the orphanage’s rusty doors.

“It’s Sister Xuxu’s turn!” the children shouted. “Brother Ah Heng will carry Sister Xuxu across the river!”

Yan Rusheng stopped abruptly as his face fell. He was a few steps away from the door when he abruptly remained rooted to the ground. His eyes traveled to the source of the ruckus.

A group of children was standing at the playground in the middle of the courtyard. They were all holding hands as they queued up in a procession. Everyone was watching the man and woman standing in front of them.

The man and woman stood facing each other, smiling helplessly, not knowing what they should do next.

He turned around coldly and walked back to the car.

“President Yan…” The chauffeur was holding the bags as he trailed after him. He stopped midway through his sentence when he saw him walking back.

He was terrified when he chanced upon Yan Rusheng’s expression as he swept past him. There was a chilly and aloof aura emitting from Yan Rusheng which seemed to assail his senses.

His instincts warned him that the boss was in a bad mood right now.

Yan Rusheng got in the car and slammed the door.

The chauffeur hurried back and dumped the bags in the back seat. Then he hastily went back to the seat and started the engine. But he didn’t drive off immediately.