Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 267

Chapter 267: We Are Husband And Wife

The chauffeur looked at Yan Rusheng with an expectant expression.

"Drive," Yan Rusheng instructed him coldly.

The children's laughter invaded his ears mercilessly, and he closed the car windows to shut out the noise. As the car left the orphanage, he didn't turn to look back at all.


Zhou Shuang sent Xuxu back home and dropped her off outside the entrance of the courtyard. It was already late in the evening as the children had refused to let them leave earlier on.

She stood outside the courtyard and peered at the mansion. She was rather startled to see that the lights in the study on the second floor were still lit.

Did he come back?

"Miss, welcome home."

Xuxu was still staring into the distance when the butler opened the doors and greeted her warmly with a smile.

She snapped out of her thoughts and nodded politely at the butler, then walked towards the courtyard.

It had been a week since she left the place, and a strange and unfamiliar feeling crept past her as she stepped into the courtyard.

Standing in the middle of the courtyard, she scanned her surroundings. She thought rather mockingly to herself that this grand mansion and everything inside it truly didn't belong to her.

So unfamiliar... isn't this how I'm supposed to feel?

She strode towards the house that had provided her with warmth but had also given her sorrow.

"Miss, you're finally back."

Xuxu changed into her bedroom slippers and had just entered the living room when she met Aunt Zhang coming down from the stairs.

Aunt Zhang looked at her with knitted eyebrows, a worried expression on her face.

"What happened?" Xuxu paused for a second before she guessed what the problem was.

Yan Rusheng must be back and had thrown a tantrum when he saw that she wasn't home yet.

"Third Young Master is back, and he asked if you came home these few..." Aunt Zhang stammered and then stopped half-way. Xuxu knew that she was worried.

She smiled and reassured her, "I got it, don't worry."

She went up the stairs and headed towards the room that she used to stay in when she was younger.

She decided to take a shower and change her clothes for now.

She didn't plan on leaving the room, so she locked the door before entering the bathroom. Since she didn't bring a change of pajamas into the bathroom, she went back into the bedroom wrapped in a towel.

She opened the door and walked out, and as she turned around... a terrified expression crossed her face.


She opened her mouth, but before she could utter another word, a towering figure had appeared right in front of her. His strong arms were wrapped tightly around her tiny body.

Without giving her a chance to react, they both collapsed on the soft bed.

Xuxu caught a whiff of alcohol and frowned as she turned her face away. "Yan Rusheng, what are you trying to do?"

She gripped his shoulders nervously as she tried to push him back, struggling to escape.

"We're husband and wife, so what do you think I'm trying to do?" Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes wickedly as he stared at Xuxu. His lips curled into a contemptuous smile. "Tonight, let me see how pure you really are."

With that statement, he lowered his head and forcefully pressed his mouth against Xuxu's alluring rosy lips in a domineering way.

The scent of blood spread through their mouths.

But he didn't stopinstead he became more aggressive as he grabbed the towel and pulled it away from her body.

With the towel gone, he lowered his head to admire her alluring figure.

"No...!" Xuxu frowned as she cried out desperately. She tried to push away this man who seemed to have lost his mind. "Yan Rusheng, please, I beg you! No, please don't!"