Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 268

Chapter 268 You Should Atone For Your Sins Together With Me

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“No…” Xuxu frowned as she cried out desperately. She tried to push away this man who seemed to have lost his mind. “Yan Rusheng, please, I beg you! No, please don’t!”

The more she begged him not to and the more she resisted, the more incensed Yan Rusheng became. His mind was swirling with images of her smiling at Jiang Zhuoheng at the orphanage today.

He was close to exploding with jealousy.

Why did I have to fall in love with Wen Xuxu? Why is she always so icy and cold with me? Why did she have to smile at another man?

Xuxu was raining random punches everywhere on his body, so he decided to grab both her hands. He clasped her hands together securely and fixed them above her head.

He wasn’t in the least bit gentle towards her.

“Ahhh!…” Xuxu screamed in pain as her tears rolled down desperately.

The moment he realized that he wasn’t her first man, Yan Rusheng exploded with jealousy and lost his last shred of sanity.


Suddenly, she heard him muttering another woman’s name in her ear.


Xuxu felt like her heart was being pierced by thousands of arrows and the pain was agonizing.

Her tears dampened the bedsheets, and she couldn’t stop sobbing. Her eyes were filled with deep despair.

After all these years, what she received in return was this humiliation.

Yan Rusheng carried Wen Xuxu into the bathroom and placed her in the bathtub. He adjusted the water temperature and soon warm water gushed out and filled the tub.

He stood beside the bathtub wearing his bathrobe and peered down at her from above.

From the beginning until now, she had remained in such a statesobbing and looking completely distressed.

His ego and pride had never suffered such a crushing blow before in his entire life. Yan Rusheng had always gotten what he wanted, with the only exception being her.

Earlier, when he had entered her body, he saw the look of despair and pain in her eyes, and it stabbed at his heart mercilessly, destroying his pride and dignity.

At that moment, he was certain that she must be thinking of someone else. So in the heat of his jealousy, he said Fang Jiayin’s name to spite her on purpose.

What shocked him greatly him was her response after she heard him uttering Jiayin’s name. Her reaction was so intensely violent that he was pleasantly surprised for a moment.

It even made him forget his jealousy and disappointment that he wasn’t her first man.

But he was jarred back to reality in the next moment. As the proud Wen Xuxu, she lay beneath a man and was being treated as another woman; how humiliated she must have felt.

“You should have known that this would happen someday from the moment we got married. So Wen Xuxu, don’t try and pretend to be a victim.” His voice was cold, devoid of any warmth. “Even if you’re unwilling, you still need to fulfill the initial purpose of this marriage.”

Incredibly, she curled her lips into a smile that was full of mockery.

She raised her head and peered at the man who towered over her like a divine being. Her voice was equally cold as she said, “Yan Rusheng, you should atone for Grandmother’s death together with me.”

Her words froze Yan Rusheng’s expression and even his entire body.

He nodded slowly after comprehending her words fully. His voice was hoarse and weak.

It’s a good thing that she understands!

She said they should atone for their sins together, so it meant that she didn’t intend to leave. As long as she stayed by his side, it didn’t matter how she felt about him.

After Yan Rusheng agreed, he turned around to walk out of the bathroom. Xuxu heard the door close shut almost immediately.