Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 269

Chapter 269 It Couldn't Thaw Her Stony And Frigid Heart

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Her words froze Yan Rusheng’s expression and even his entire body.

He nodded slowly after comprehending her words fully. His voice was hoarse and weak.

It’s a good thing that she understands!

She said they should atone for their sins together, so it meant that she didn’t intend to leave. As long as she stayed by his side, it didn’t matter how she felt about him.

After Yan Rusheng agreed, he turned around to walk out of the bathroom. Xuxu heard the door close shut almost immediately.

She raised her head as she slipped down slowly, allowing her body to be submerged in the water.

No matter how warm the water was, it couldn’t thaw her stony and frigid heart.

Yan Rusheng, let’s atone for our sins together.

After that day, Xuxu moved back to her own bedroom. And Yan Rusheng didn’t step into her room at all.

During mealtimes, they sat across from each other as usual, but there wasn’t any interaction between them.

Xuxu was aware that he was slightly obsessed with cleanliness. How would he be able to accept a blemished woman as his wife?

She resumed her normal routine; going to work, going home after work, and continuing her responsibilities as his secretary.

They went to work and went home together every day. No one suspected that something was wrong with them…

Even Zhou Shuang, who was Xuxu’s only close friend in the capital city, was kept in the dark.

On a Sunday afternoon, Xuxu was preparing some materials at home for a meeting the next day. Suddenly she received an urgent call from Zhou Shuang informing her that Tiny Stars Orphanage was in trouble.

She hung up and left immediately in a cab, leaving her work half-finished.

Xuxu saw Zhou Shuang’s car parked outside the orphanage. She hurriedly knocked on the doors, and the guard opened them immediately when he saw her.

Several people were standing in the courtyard, including the matron and Zhou Shuang. She didn’t recognize the rest of them.

A lady wearing a black dress with long permed hair was facing the matron.

The matron’s usual benevolent expression was replaced by anxiety.

Xuxu strode over to them hastily and overheard their conversation.

“The children are already used to living here. Where can we move to on such short notice? Besides, there are too many children.”

Matron Huang furrowed her eyebrows tightly as she watched the children, a look of affection in her gaze. Countless pairs of innocent black eyes were peering at them curiously from the windows.

She really couldn’t bear to leave them.

The middle-aged lady in the black dress raised her head. “Matron Huang, when we signed the contract all those years ago, I leased this place to you for two decades. At the time, I wanted to support your aspiration and passion, so I lowered the rental fee. But now, the government is taking this piece of land back, and we have no way of opposing them. If I were to empathize with you, then who will empathize with me?”

She spoke sharply and heartlessly.

Zhou Shuang, who was standing next to Matron Huang, couldn’t control her temper any longer. She gestured at the children and raised her voice at the middle-aged lady. “You have children as well! They’re well-fed and taken care of. But how about these kids? What should they do now?”

The middle-aged lady turned her head to face Zhou Shuang and sneered with contempt. “Young lady, you’re wrong about that. Since you’re so kind-hearted, why don’t you use your house as an orphanage to shelter these kids?”

“Alright, I’ll do that!” Zhou Shuang blurted out. She was the type of person who could do anything once she lost her temper. She turned to the matron. “If they force us to leave, then we’ll leave. I’ll find a suitable place for the kids.”