Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Re-sell It To Me

Zhou Shuang stared ruthlessly at the middle-aged lady and gritted her teeth. "The twenty-year lease hasn't expired yet. I'll see you in court for breach of contract."

Matron Huang held on to Zhou Shuang's hand, her eyebrows knitting from apprehension. "Miss Zhou, I've set up this orphanage for more than ten years. This place..."

Xuxu slowed down her steps and stared at themshe seemed to know what was going on. She assumed that Matron Huang couldn't bear to leave this place. Furthermore, it wasn't easy to relocate to a new place since the resettlement would involve various procedures and administrative work.

Zhou Shuang had only said it in a fit of anger. The children wouldn't be able to get used to living in a bustling city.

Over here, the huge land allowed them to rear poultry and plant vegetables. This helped reduce their expenses, and the children would get to eat fresh and healthy food. Secondly, the air here was fresh as the place was far from the city, and it provided a peaceful environment for the children's education.

Xuxu interrupted Matron Huang's conversation. "Zhou Shuang, stand aside."

She shot a disapproving glare at her friend and shifted her gaze to the middle-aged lady. Xuxu smiled faintly at her. "Sister, how may I address you?"

Before the middle-aged lady could answer, Matron Huang introduced her. "She is Madam Wu, the daughter-in-law of Professor Wu. She is the one who leased out this piece of land and the entire orphanage to me."

Xuxu smiled at the middle-aged lady again. "Hello, Madam Wu."

Madam Wu smiled suspiciously at Xuxu, scrutinizing her for a long period of time. There was still a trace of doubt in her eyes. "You are?"

The look on her face seemed to suggest that Xuxu looked familiar to her, but she couldn't recall who she was.

"I am Wen Xuxu. Perhaps Madam Wu may have seen me in the newspapers or online." Xuxu smiled and sounded exceptionally confident in her reply.

One couldn't help but respect her.

"You're... Wen Xuxu, Flourish & Prosper's Third Madam Yan?" Madam Wu's jaw dropped, and she stared at Xuxu with a look of astonishment in her eyes.

Xuxu calmly nodded her head, her attitude humble. "Yes."

Madam Wu turned to look at Matron Huang disapprovingly. "Matron Huang, what is the meaning of this?"

She assumed that Matron Huang was using her connections to get the upper hand.

Xuxu could see right through her thoughts and explained lightly, "Madam Wu, please don't be mistaken. I came here to visit the children and coincidentally, you were discussing about the land lease. Since I've overheard your discussion, I couldn't look on without saying a word."

She paused and continued, "I overheard that the government is taking back this piece of land at a high price. May I know how much the government is willing to pay?"

After hearing Xuxu's explanation, the fury in Madam Wu's eyes vanished, and she raised three fingers at Xuxu. "Thirty million yuan."

Xuxu was in shock. This piece of land is worth thirty million yuan?!

Even though this place was remote and far, it was still part of the capital city where land prices were extremely costly. If the developer commercialized this piece of land, it would certainly be worth it.

She maintained her smile. "Before the government acquires this land, could you resell it to me?"

Zhou Shuang, Madam Wu, and Matron Huang were all startled.

"Hey, Wen Xuxu! It's thirty million yuan!" Zhou Shuang shrieked and pulled Xuxu to one side.