Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Don't Tell Him About This

If it was only three million yuan, Yan Rusheng could easily issue a cheque with his eyes closed. But 30 million yuan was too exorbitant.

Not that Yan Rusheng couldn't afford this amount. But given their current strained relationship, Zhou Shuang felt that he had no reason to do that.

"It's alright, let me find a way," Xuxu reassured Zhou Shuang with a mysterious grin.

Zhou Shuang's heart was tickled. This woman must be up to something.

As expected... her thinking is as warped as Yan Rusheng's.

"So how about it?" Xuxu turned and rejoined the crowd, raising her eyebrows confidently.

Madam Wu replied, "The government has plans to develop this area. Even if you buy over the land at 30 million yuan, it still won't be possible to save the orphanage."

She seemed to be wavering in her decision.

It would be less complicated to sell the land to Wen Xuxu than with the government. Only a fool would reject this. Xuxu twitched her eyebrows. "Wouldn't that be my problem?"

"It's not impossible to sell it to you..." Madam Wu paused for a moment and then continued earnestly, "But this site has already been put up for development, and we'll need to sort out the formalities at the government office."

Of course, she was aware of this. But seeing the innocent faces of the children, she couldn't look on without lifting a finger.

She was convinced that she could lend a hand in this matter.

Xuxu answered confidently, "As long as Madam Wu agrees to sell this site to me, I will think of a solution."

Xuxu made a verbal agreement with Madam Wu. If she could raise the money and settle the formalities with the government within a week, Madam Wu would transfer the ownership to her.

After Madam Wu left, Matron Huang clutched Xuxu's hand gratefully, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her tears were the best proof that she couldn't bear to leave the orphanage and the children.

Xuxu was even more determined to lend a hand.

Xuxu looked at the children amusing themselves on the field and let out a frustrated sigh.

There was a tinge of sorrow in her tone.

"Hey, how are you going to raise 30 million yuan?" Zhou Shuang asked Xuxu eagerly once they got into the car.

Without waiting for Xuxu to respond, she took a guess of her own. "Are you planning to get help from Jiang Zhuoheng?"

But that wouldn't make sense.

Given Xuxu's personality, if she had to choose between Jiang Zhuoheng and Yan Rusheng, she would definitely approach Yan Rusheng.

This was just a feeling that she couldn't explain.

"Don't make any wild guesses. It's 30 million yuan, not 3,000 yuan or 3 million yuan. Don't tell him about this, do you hear me?" Xuxu warned Zhou Shuang seriously.

She already owed Ah Heng too much. How could she bother him again?

Xuxu put on her seatbelt once the car reached the highway. She looked at Zhou Shuang and said, " Send me back to my apartment."

She looked out the window and propped her cheek with one hand, deep in thought.

Seeing Xuxu lost in her own thoughts, Zhou Shuang didn't probe further.

When Xuxu reached home, it was already dinner time. She entered the door when Yan Rusheng came down from the stairs, and they both glanced briefly at each other.

Aunt Zhang attended to them and ushered them into the dining room.

There was a sumptuous spread on the table, including Xuxu's and Yan Rusheng's favorite dishes.

Both of them behaved like students entering the classroom as they took their own seats, facing each other.


Xuxu was about to scoop up some rice from the bowl when she let out a loud sneeze.