Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Sleeping All Alone

She rubbed her itchy nose while glancing at Yan Rusheng at the same time.

She didn't manage to cover her nose before she sneezed, and her saliva must have sprayed onto the dishes.

She was afraid that Yan Rusheng would feel disgusted, but instead, he gracefully picked up the chopsticks with his fair hand and leisurely proceeded to savor his favorite dishes.

His appetite wasn't in the least bit affected by her unglamorous sneeze.

"Missy, the weather has been cold these past few days. I'll have someone change your bedding with a thicker quilt. Don't catch a cold."

Aunt Zhang's voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

Pausing for a moment, she raised her head to glance at Aunt Zhang, then smiled and shook her head. "There's no need to change them. It's not cold at all."

But Aunt Zhang tried to insist, " It's better to change them. The weather has turned chilly, and you're sleeping all alone. You'll definitely feel cold."

There was a hidden meaning in her words.

After she said this, the old lady glanced swiftly at Yan Rusheng.

Lately, these two children had been sleeping in separate rooms, and they hadn't exchanged a word to each other. Anyone could tell that they were in the middle of a cold war.

Sigh. This is so worrisome.

Xuxu feigned ignorance and smiled at Aunt Zhang. "I'll let you know if I'm cold."

They're both acting like complete strangers. Aunt Zhang sighed in dismay and left the dining room.

After Aunt Zhang left, Yan Rusheng lifted his eyes to take a peek at Xuxu. She was chewing on the ribs in a graceful and unhurried manner. She was wearing a jade pendant and bangle that looked familiar.

He recognized both of themthey were gifted by Grandmother. Wen Xuxu had been wearing the jade pendant since she entered their family and had only taken it off when she went to university.

The bangle was also a gift from Grandmother. It was given to her right before his eyes, on the night before they left for university in B City.

Back then, when Grandmother said that the bangle was a family heirloom, it sounded like the usual comments from an elder. But the truth was, Grandmother had already been thinking of making them a couple.

But after receiving the bangle, Wen Xuxu had never worn it.

So what's the occasion today? Why is she putting on both pieces of jewelry?

Yan Rusheng was in a perplexed state of mind for the entire night.


Yan Rusheng's male secretary was on sick leave for a few days, so Xuxu had to take over his duties. She was buried in work the entire day.

It was already past their working hours, and everyone in the office had left. She could finally have a breather and a glass of water.

She put down the glass, then took a glance at the time on her laptop screen.

After she turned off the laptop, she walked over to Yan Rusheng's office and knocked on his door.

Pushing open the door, she saw Yan Rusheng buried in a pile of documents. "President Yan, we have a dinner appointment at 6.30 pm with Country Y's princess at Beautiful Metropolis. It's time to set off now."

Yan Rusheng raised his head, took a look at the clock on the wall and replied, "Okay."

"I'll wait for you at the door." Xuxu was about to close the door.

Suddenly, Yan Rusheng stopped her. "Wait a minute."

Xuxu turned her head and gave him a puzzled look. "Anything else?"

Yan Rusheng asked, "Who are the representatives from Country Y?"

"Only the princess, her son, Charles, and her secretary," Xuxu responded.