Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 274

Chapter 274: I Was Wrong. Please Don't Push Me Away

How dare he have the audacity to keep thinking of my woman! Just thinking about it is infuriating!

Princess Lu Fei and her secretary panicked, their faces draining of color.

However, Charles remained nonchalant and maintained his graceful stance. Looking at the shreds of paper that had fallen onto the table, he cast a glance at Yan Rusheng and smiled. "President Yan, do you know what the consequences of this will be?"

Yan Rusheng scoffed at him with disdain. "There are no consequences that I, Yan Rusheng, can't bear."

With that, he rose to his feet and looked down coldly at Charles like a dictator. "Let me warn you: there will be severe repercussions if you don't stop thinking about my woman."

Having said that, he turned and walked off, totally disregarding the apologies from Princess Lu Fei and her secretary.


Sitting in the car, Yan Rusheng looked at the second floorhis bedroom was pitch black. Feeling gloomy, he took a puff and sipped on his beer.

He didn't feel like getting off the car or going into the house. He didn't want to face her frosty indifference.

After a dozen cans of beer, he was feeling quite tipsy.

Knock knock knock.

The butler was feeling concerned when he saw Yan Rusheng sitting in the car for so long. He ran out of the house and boldly knocked on the car window. "Third Young Master."

Yan Rusheng opened the door and got off. Head spinning, he tried to holding on to the car door to steady himself.

A strong stench of alcohol wafted from his body. The butler knew that he'd had too much liquor and swiftly supported him. "Third Young Master, you've had too much to drink. Let me help you into the house."

The living room was brightly lit, but no one was in sightYan Rusheng's heart was filled with unbearable emptiness.

He tugged at his shirt collar as he walked inside, inadvertently ripping off a few buttons. With the help of the butler, he walked unsteadily towards the staircase.

"I'll go up myself." Yan Rusheng pushed the butler away and held onto the handrail of the staircase.

He staggered upstairs.

Once he was upstairs, he turned left and passed the study room before reaching his room. He was about to open the door when he suddenly turned around and headed towards a room that was located diagonally opposite to his.

Without knocking, he opened the door which wasn't locked.

The other people in the house heard the door open, and they went hurriedly to the door as well.

Yan Rusheng swung open the door and saw the woman that he wanted to hug so badly and take possession of. He loosened his grip from the doorknob, took a step forward and embraced her tightly.

He was completely hammered. As he struggled to keep his balance, his heavy body slumped over her.

Xuxu was shocked by his sudden embrace. The harsh stench of alcohol on his body triggered her memories about that fateful night, and she broke out into fear.

She pressed her hands against his chest and shoved him away.

Suddenly, his hoarse voice sounded in her ears. "Xuxu, I was wrong. Please don't push me away."

His lips lightly brushed against her neck, and his soft breath heated the sensitive nerves in her body.

"You're drunk. Let me go." Instinctively, Xuxu tried to resistthat night was still vivid in her mind. The words 'Jiayin' had thoroughly banished her to the depths of hell.

The moment he drew closer to her, she kept feeling that he was humiliating her.

No... it's not a feeling. I'm sure of it.

"I'm not letting go." Yan Rusheng tightened his embrace, acting like a child.

Xuxu had caught the eyes of so many men, and he was afraid of losing her if he let her go.

"Did the contract signing go smoothly?" Xuxu was afraid that he would force himself on her again, so she attempted to change topics to distract him.