Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Leave If You're Not Discussing Anymore

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Yan Rusheng wasn’t entirely drunk; he just didn’t want to be sober. If he were sober, he wouldn’t have had the courage to go to her room, nor would he hug or apologize to her.

When he hugged her just now, he could feel her body trembling. Fear was evident in her eyes as well.

Was she really traumatized by what he did that night?

“I’m not signing.” He relinquished his grip and tottered to the bed.

Xuxu was startled by his reply. “Why?”

Did he get drunk because something went wrong with the contract?

He had spearheaded this project with Country Y ever since he took over the reins of the company. Furthermore, he had made countless trips to Country Y because of the project.

He had invested time, effort, and resources into this project and it was practically almost ready to begin. How could he just say that he wasn’t going to sign the contract?

Xuxu had already brushed aside her fear aside the minute she started thinking of work-related matters. She trailed after Yan Rusheng and kept pressing him for an answer.

Yan Rusheng sat down on her bed and leaned lazily against the headboard. Xuxu sat in front of him, and he gazed at her, unsmiling. “Charles wanted to add an additional clause and change the representative from our side to you. Do you think I would agree to that?”

Xuxu frowned with puzzlement and thought to herself,Why would Charles ask to change it to me?

We’ve only ever met that one time.

Yan Rusheng smirked when he saw her puzzled expression. “Wen Xuxu, are you shocked too? You’re such an ordinary woman, yet you’re so eye-catching to other men.”

He turned to his side, his back facing her, and pulled her blanket over his head.

Xuxu looked at him calmly, “Since I’m so ordinary, then exchanging me for a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars is a good deal.”

After hearing his reply and according to her understanding of him, he had definitely fallen out with the other party earlier today.

Even though he didn’t have any feelings for her, he was a man filled with arrogance and pride. How could he allow himself to use a woman, his lawful wife to win a contract?

So she wasn’t in the least bit surprised by his decision. She was merely worried about the consequences it would bring since the Board of Directors had been eagerly anticipating the commencement of this project.

Xuxu was still fretting about what would happen if they failed to sign the contract and how he’d answer to the Board of Directors. Yan Rusheng peeked his head out from the blanket and looked at her, seething with anger. “Yes, so I’m also blind.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded when she heard his confession.

‘You’re such an ordinary woman, yet you’re so eye-catching to other men…’

No no no, Wen Xuxu, don’t overthink it!

She shifted her wandering mind back to the important matter once more. “Let’s look for Princess Lu Fei and talk things over tomorrow.”

Since they were married, she had to play her part when it came to Flourish & Prosper’s matters.

This project with Country Y had a significant impact on the company, and she couldn’t sit by and watch him being ruled by his emotions.

Yan Rusheng sneered, “I’m not discussing it anymore. I don’t care about the contract.”

Xuxu flared up. “Yan Rusheng, then leave if you’re not going to talk about the contract!”

“If I agree to discuss it, does that mean that I don’t have to leave?” Young Master Yan asked softly. His peach-blossom-shaped eyes shone like exquisite black jade, sparkling as he blinked.

He seemed to be acting like a spoiled child.

Xuxu was speechless. “…”

His behavior tonight must be due to his pride being threatened and provoked, and he couldn’t take it lying down. That must be why his brain was malfunctioning.

Yan Rusheng gradually shut his eyes as Xuxu watched him. And his breathing became regular and deep.

Xuxu was aware that a drunk man was really dangerous, especially when that man… was Yan Rusheng.

She thought that it would be unwise to antagonize him right now.

She was about to get up and head to the guest room when she caught sight of Yan Rusheng’s feet. He was still wearing his leather shoes, and it had already stained her floral bedsheets.