Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 276

Chapter 276 It Would Be A Disgrace If People Found Out

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She furrowed her eyebrows and watched his gorgeous face as he slept. With an involuntary sigh, she bent down to remove his shoes and socks.

She grabbed both his legs and pushed him back on the bed, which required much effort.

Yan Rusheng lifted the blanket after she left. He was quite pleased when he saw that she’d removed his shoes and socks.

Guess she doesn’t hate me that much.

Yan Rusheng glanced at his empty cup and dialed Xuxu’s extension number. “Wen Xuxu.”

It was his assistant, Qiao Jian, who picked up. “President, the madam left the office after lunch. She said that she won’t be coming back today.”

Yan Rusheng frowned at his reply and asked irritably, “Who did she ask permission from?”

But he hung up snappily before Qiao Jian could reply. Immediately, he dialed Xuxu’s number.

The call went through, but it rang for some time before Xuxu answered, “Hello, President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng heard her addressing him formally, and it made him even grouchier. “Where did you go?”

Xuxu replied calmly, “I have something going on in the afternoon, so I’m taking the rest of the day off.”

“You” Yan Rusheng stopped himself before he could lecture her. He paused and pondered for a few seconds before softening his tone. “Come home early tonight.”

Madam Mu Li seemed to find out from a source that they weren’t speaking to each other. She called early in the morning to give him a good dressing-down.

Her advice included,‘Women are made of water, so a man has to be gentle because all women like men who are gentle.’

But he disagreed with the saying since Wen Xuxu didn’t seem to be made of water. But indeed, she did like effeminate men like… Jiang Zhuoheng.

And so, he decided to give it a try.

Unsurprisingly, Xuxu was startled to by his gentleness. It took a while to collect herself before she responded, “Okay.”

Yan Rusheng hung up and was about to get some water for himself when his phone rang.

Lu Yinan was on the other line.

Why’s that quack looking for me at this time of day?

He picked up the phone, but before he could utter a word, Lu Yinan began to splutter eagerly, “Third Yan, when did your wife start doing charity work?”

Charity work?

Yan Rusheng frowned without comprehending his question. “What charity work?”

“Oh dear, looks like you’re clueless about this.” Young Master Lu sounded excited and continued, “There’s a charity auction at Central South Plaza today. Your wife seems to be auctioning off her jade bangle and jade pendant to raise funds for Tiny Stars Orphanage. Yishan is the organizer for today’s auction, and she called to inform me when she saw the auction’s name list.”

Jade bangle and jade pendant…

Yan Rusheng recalled that his grandmother had indeed gifted Xuxu a bangle and pendant. No wonder she was looking for them a few days ago.

Damn it, how dare she auction off Grandmother’s stuff?! That stupid woman is too heartless!

If she needs a donation, she could have come directly to him. If she really needed to auction something off, she shouldn’t have chosen those two items. How much value could the items be worth?

For that paltry sum of money; it would be a disgrace if people found out.

Argh, that stupid woman keeps making me worry!

Young Master Yan decided to put his work aside as he rushed to Central South Plaza for the auction.

There was a huge turnout at the event, and Yan Rusheng recognized many familiar faces. They were all Flourish & Prosper’s partners and clients.

He spotted Wen Xuxu in the crowd as she sat in the front row. She was looking intently at the stage, and he gritted his teeth when he saw her. He felt a strong urge to drag her away with everyone watching.

But… he decided to find a more secluded corner to observe instead.