Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 278

Chapter 278: A Long Way From 30 Million Yuan

These partners were here because of Yan Rusheng and Flourish & Prosper.

Yan Rusheng didn't answer Xuxu's question and instead threw a casual glance at the people next to her.

They immediately understood his meaning, and they sprang up from their seats.

"Thank you," Young Master Yan said politely and settled down on the seat next to Xuxu. He saw fear flickering in her eyes, and he said with gritted teeth, "I see you're becoming more capable."

She still dared to do this despite her fear.

Xuxu was afraid that Yan Rusheng would mess things up, so she decided to pander to him. She put on a bright smile and said, "I'll buy the land under your name and give it to the orphanage."

Under my name? Stupid woman, do you really think I care about that?

Yan Rusheng's face fell, and he asked, "What land?"

Sounds like a great deal of money.

Xuxu replied honestly, "It's the orphanage that Zhou Shuang and I went to. The government is using 30 million yuan to buy that piece of land. But the matron and the children at Tiny Stars Orphanage are all used to the place, and they can't bear to leave. They seemed really pitiful, so I wanted to buy that piece of land for them."

Yan Rusheng gave her a gentle smile. "You like children?"

Xuxu's expression turned dark as she lowered her head. She remained silent.

"If you like children, then let's have one of our own," Yan Rusheng said with a serious expression as he reached out to tightly grab her hand.

Xuxu was startled and shocked by what he said, and she jerked her head upwards. She gazed into his deep eyes.

Their eyes met, with both of them trying to understand what the other person was really thinking about.

To outsiders, they looked like they were gazing at each other lovingly.

Third Young Master and Third Madam Yan are indeed very loving...

The cameras zoomed in on them and captured their expressions from different angles.

Due to Yan Rusheng's presence, the bidding process intensified when Xuxu's items came up.

Xuxu was sullen when she saw the jade pendant on stage.

It was obviously not hersshe had a shrewd feeling that Yan Rusheng must have swapped it out earlier on.

Since the jade pendant had been swapped, without a doubt, the jade bangle would be as well.

She heard the crowd bidding enthusiastically for her items, and she heaved a sigh of relief. She thought that the items didn't really matter since these bidders were here because of Yan Rusheng.

At the thought of this, her mood lightened up considerably.

She threw a glance at Yan Rusheng. The lavish crystal chandeliers gave off a warm light, casting its glow over his exquisite and clearly-defined features. His deep and enigmatic-looking eyes resembled a lotus pond shining under the lovely moonlight. Amidst that beauty and gentleness, he exuded a unique aura of dominance.

She was greatly surprised to see him sitting quietly at the auction.

When he appeared in front of her, the first thought that popped up in her head was'I'm finished!'

"Alright, congratulations to the mister over here who successfully made a bid of two million yuan for the jade pendant owned by Flourish & Prosper's lady boss!"

Xuxu's 'jade pendant' was bid by one of Flourish & Prosper's partners for two million yuan.

Even though the amount was still a long way from her target of 30 million yuan, but it was a good start. She would get there somehow.

The next item was her jade bangle. The starting bid was half a million yuan, which was ten times the amount of the jade pendant.

She had to set the starting bid higher in order for her to reach her target of 30 million yuan.

People started bidding for the bangle, and Young Master Yan gave a satisfied smile. At last, the bid started to increase by the tens of thousands which was beyond Xuxu's expectations.

When the bidding reached 2.3 million yuan, Yan Rusheng whispered in her ear and teased her lightly, "It's still a long way from 30 million yuan."