Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Third Young Master Is Really Too Cool

In the auction hall, he lazily leaned back against the white chair as he crossed his legs gracefully. His hand was propped against the back of the chair, stroking the corners of his eyebrow with a finger. His posture was beguiling, but it couldn't conceal his innate arrogance and domineering aura.

His massive and towering figure made the chair seemed minuscule by comparison.

Everyone's attention turned towards him, and they knew that 10 million yuan was simply nothing to him.

But how did he make it sound so dominant and cool?

They made donations too!

Everyone watched as Yan Rusheng slowly stood up. He turned around to face the crowd and gave a faint smile. "Thank you to everyone for supporting my wife's charity work with your generosity."

His succinct thank-you speech made all the partners of Flourish & Prosper feel flattered and left them overwhelmed with joy.

Frankly speaking, the one or two million dollars of yuan they donated was nothing much to Flourish & Prosper.

In the past, the partners had to bow and fawn over him with all sorts of gestures. But he was aloof, haughty, and cold; just like a snow lotus atop the sky mountains.

To think that today he would thank them publicly. It was the first time they had seen Young Master Yan being so polite and courteous.

This transformation must be credited to... his wife.

Everyone gained a deeper revelation of how doting and loving Third Young Master was towards his wife.

If they wanted to pander to Flourish & Prosper, they should simply focus their efforts on his wife.

While everyone was lost in their own thoughts, Yan Rusheng strolled leisurely to the stage and walked towards Xuxu.

He looked at her with a tender smile. "Hello, Wife."

This was the first time he had addressed her this way, and it shocked even himself when he realized how natural he had sounded.

Xuxu's mouth gaped with stunned surprise. Her eyes seemed to be covered by a veil, and she could neither see nor understand him.

He seemed to be dead serious with this act of gentleness, and it had devastated the seemingly impenetrable defense she had set up against him.

After banishing her to the depths of hell, he was now giving her a glimmer of hope once again.

Yan Rusheng, is this how you plan on seeking revenge? By torturing me?

"I'm going to kiss you if you don't leave the stage." Yan Rusheng ignored Xuxu's reaction as he held her hand and whispered in her ear.

Xuxu was wise enough to think of the bigger picture. She knew that she couldn't fling Yan Rusheng's hand away and that the 20 million yuan worth of donations were all because of Yan Rusheng's presence.

Since he had volunteered to join, then the two of them would have to put on a good show.

She followed him as they left the stage. The host spoke up, "Third Young Master and Third Madam Yan's have truly made everyone envious of their love."

Xuxu heard his words and instinctively stole a glance at their handsYan Rusheng had increased his grip, and now their hands were clasped tightly together.

Is this love? This is obviously an illusion; everything is so unreal.

"Let's carry on with the auction then." The host began to introduce the following bidding item. "The next item was contributed by a beautiful lady who has just returned from her stay abroad. She used this violin to participate in countless performances. She even used this very violin to perform for the Queen of Country Y, who has signed on the violin as well."

"This beautiful lady has only just returned last week. The main objective for her return is to focus on charity work, and for her first order of business, she went to the poorest village in the northwest part of our country. She is now auctioning her violin to raise funds for the children's education in this village."

Xuxu heard this introduction, and she was filled with respect for this violinist.