Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Whatever For?

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As long as he didn’t provoke her unduly, she could calmly accept his womanizing ways.

This was because… she was used to it.

Xuxu kept her thoughts to herself and smiled at Fang Jiayin. “You must have advanced quite a lot after being abroad these past few years.”

Fang Jianyin’s face was radiant, and she looked even classier than before. Furthermore, she had even performed at the palace of Country Y. One could well imagine that she must have reaped great achievements while staying overseas for three years.

“Mm.” Fang Jiayin nodded her head. “I did pretty well.”

Then she turned to look at Yan Rusheng. The sun was shining on her pretty face, making it appear even more captivating and causing her enticing lips to shimmer lustrously.

Yan Rusheng was fiddling with Xuxu’s hair, twirling it around his fingers.

His actions were filled with pure affection and tenderness. He was intensely focused, oblivious to Fang Jiayin’s gaze.

The look on Fang Jiayin’s face changed, and she retracted her gaze. With her lips tightly pursed up, she took a deep breath and looked at Xuxu. “I have other matters to attend to and can’t chat for long. Let’s meet up for a meal when we have the time.”

Having said that, she took out her cell phone from her pink wristlet. As she unlocked her cell phone screen, she said to Xuxu, “Give me your phone number. I’ll ask you out when I’m free.”

Xuxu found it hard to reject her straightforward request… and since they used to hang out before, she couldn’t find a good reason to reject her.

After Xuxu gave her phone number to Fang Jiayin, she left a missed call for Xuxu so that she could save her number in her phone book.

“I’ll go in first. We’ll keep in touch.” Fang Jiayin stuffed her cell phone back into her wristlet. She waved at Xuxu and Yan Rusheng, turned around and headed back to the auction hall.

When she was nowhere in sight, Xuxu pushed away Yan Rusheng’s hand and cast him a cold look. Without a word, she walked towards the auction’s temporary office.

She had yet to accomplish today’s task.

“My wife, where are you going?” Yan Rusheng couldn’t care less about his own image, and he yelled loudly at the obstinate and arrogant Xuxu.

His mind had been so muddled up that night that he’d called out Fang Jiayin’s name. Now that she was back, he had to take care not to antagonize Xuxu again. Or else, at the slightest annoyance, she would definitely assume that it was because of Fang Jiayin.

She could even use this excuse to break away from him.

Thus, he had to be thick-skinned right now.

When Xuxu ignored his shout, he hurriedly chased after her.

Damn it! I just don’t get it. My ex-girlfriend came back, but why do I have to feel threatened about it? Shouldn’t she be the one to feel insecure instead?

Oh… do I feel threatened because she doesn’t care if I don’t love Fang Jiayin anymore?

He had almost caught up with Xuxu when his cell phone suddenly rang. He took out his phone and saw it was Lu Yinan on the other line.

He quickly answered the call.

Lu Yinan sounded excited on the other side. “Third Yan, I have some news to share! You’ll be over the moon when you hear this!”

Young Master Yan followed after Xuxu as he took the call. “If I’m not thrilled by the news, you’re done for.”

Lu Yinan continued, “Your first love Fang Jiayin is back!”

Yan Rusheng stopped in his tracks upon hearing this and gritted his teeth. “Lu Yinan…”

This guy has the audacity to call to tell me this. Whatever for?

“I know you’re feeling overjoyed right now,” Young Master Lu continued talking on the other line without detecting that Young Master Yan was about to explode with rage. “She’s now at the same place as your wife. Do you think they end up meeting each other?”