Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Left With No Choice

It's often said that a man is the most charismatic when he's focused on something. In the past, Xuxu didn't think that he looked particularly charming when she watched him work. But tonight, she was unable to avert her eyes away from his face for some strange reason. She simply couldn't concentrate on her work, no matter how hard she tried.

She felt that there was a ball of fire burning inside of her. Her body seemed to get hotter no matter how many cups of cold water she drank.

As she looked at Yan Rusheng's good-looking face, she kept visualizing his naked body.

She realized that she could no longer control her own thoughts, and the expanding ball of fire seemed about to explode.

Xuxu blinked her eyes as she stared at the man who was concentrating on his work. Xuxu had a sudden strong urge to embrace him, and this urge woke her up in an instant.

She widened her eyes abruptly. "Yan Rusheng, what did you put in my food?"

Her tone was full of certainty.

This was the only explanation for her sudden abnormal behavior.

"Whatever reaction you have, it just means that it worked," Yan Rusheng replied casually as his lips curled seductively. The corners of his eyes sparkled with a wicked gleam that was tempting to her.

Xuxu stared at his devilish expression, and her face immediately turned crimson.

She gnashed her teeth furiously, grabbing an ashtray as she aimed it at Yan Rusheng. "To hell with you!"

There was a crashing sound as the ashtray hit the computer that Yan Rusheng was using, and the computer was smashed as a result.

She rose and fled towards the door.

"Hmph, are you thinking of leaving?" Yan Rusheng smirked coldly as he stood up. In a split second, he was in front of Xuxu.

In the next moment, he tossed her body over his shoulder. Without giving her a chance to retaliate, he immediately swaggered towards the bedroom.

Xuxu screamed in fear, "Yan Rusheng, what are you doing?! Put me down!"

Her eyes were bulging with rage and anxiousness.

"I've been thinking about it for days, and in the end, I realized that I had to..." Yan Rusheng spoke as he walked towards the bed. Pausing deliberately, he threw Xuxu on the huge bed. He surveyed her coldly before continuing, "Force... you..."

Xuxu jumped out of the bed and instantly scrambled to her feet. She retreated with caution and shook her head. "Don't do this, Yan Rusheng."

But her body was resisting her willpower as it became warmer by the minute. She had the insane urge to rip his shirt apart, and her hands gripped the bedsheets nervously.

He had used so much effort to drug her, so how could he possibly do nothing?

Yan Rusheng ignored Xuxu's pleas and acted swiftly.

It was a game of seduction to Xuxu right now.

She swallowed her saliva several times as she eyed the man who was inching towards her; there was a hungry expression in her eyes.

Yan Rusheng was very pleased with her behavior and reaction, and his devious smile widened.

"Yan Rusheng!" Xuxu panicked and pointed angrily at the man who was taking off his clothes to seduce her. "You're despicable, shameless, and a piece of scum!"

"You leave me with no choice," Yan Rusheng said sorrowfully. "We've been married for more than three months, but you..."

His gaze shifted downwards and landed on her stomach. "There's still no good news, and you won't even cooperate."

Indeed, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hearing this, Xuxu covered her belly with her hands. She poured out the grievances that she'd hidden deep in her heart. "Yan Rusheng, you'll get retribution for bullying me this way!"