Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Give Me A Kiss

She thought of the children in the orphanage and became melancholic. "When I saw the children, they remind me of myself. And I can't help but think of those children who didn't even have the chance to be born..."

She mocked herself silently when she suddenly realized that she had talked too much. He had merely briefly mentioned about the orphanage and incredibly, she had opened her heart to him unwittingly.

Xuxu swallowed the rest of her words.

And she looked out of the window despondently.

"What did you say?" When she stopped talking halfway, it made Yan Rusheng tingle with curiosity about her unfinished words as he whispered into her ear.

His hands was casually wandering around her body and he was thoroughly enjoying the wonderful sensation that her body and curves were giving him.

"Nothing much." Xuxu shook her head and turned around. "I'm going to the government's office today so I'll need to take leave for the whole day."

"Okay..." Yan Rusheng approved with an immediate nod but he seemed to have something else to say.

Xuxu remained impassive, waiting for him to continue.

Yan Rusheng glanced at her slightly raised eyebrows with a hint of contempt revealed in her eyes. He knew that she was aware that there were strings attached.

His eyes sparkled with a grin and he pointed at his lips. He said shamelessly, "You have to give me a kiss, if not I won't approve your leave."

Xuxu was speechless...

When did this fellow become so childish, shameless....and clingy?

Where did his arrogance and pride go to?

Xuxu stared at his eyes for a long time, and she couldn't believe he could be so thick-skinned. "Yan Rusheng, what exactly are you trying to do?"

Wasn't he afraid that Fang Jiayin might find out and get jealous as a result?

Yan Rusheng blinked. "Can't you tell that I'm trying to improve our relationship? And to give you a chance for me to fall in love with you?"

Xuxu remained mum as she stared at the ceiling. She really couldn't tell at all.

She rolled her eyes at him and gritted her teeth. "You just seem like a childish and narcissistic rascal."

She didn't regard his words as anything important and had the intention to ignore him. She grabbed his hands that was wrapped around her waist and tried to pry his hands away.

But he wasn't cooperative and tightened his grip instead. "You imprudent woman, must I use force on you?"

He secured her with one hand and the other hand moved downwards slowly. Xuxu could sense danger so she immediately turned around and gave him a light peck on his lips.

Her lips tasted as sweet as honey and Yan Rusheng savored the lingering taste of the kiss by licking his lips. His face lit up with a wide and smug smile.

His expression was interpreted as devious and lewd in Xuxu's eyes. Her face fell and she glared at him impatiently. "Can you let go of me now?"

"Since you've kissed me, of course I have to return you a kiss as reciprocity."

He spoke in a playful manner and it made Xuxu's heart pound wildly.

'You fierce lass! Why did you kiss me?'

'Since you've kissed me, of course I have to return you a kiss! Do you know how to reciprocate?'

The man drew Xuxu closer for a passionate kiss and he was lost in thought. It didn't resemble her gentle kiss earlier, neither was he as impatient as he was last night.

He seemed to be savoring something delicious and was enjoying himself thoroughly.

Xuxu could feel his lower body undergoing some changes. If she didn't stop him in time, she might not be able to leave for the entire day.