Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 290

Chapter 290 I Can Only Say I Have No More Regrets

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“Enough.” She pushed him away. “Yan Rusheng, don’t force me to send evidence to Fang Jiayin.”

Yan Rusheng shrugged. “Do you need a camera?”

Without waiting for Xuxu to respond, he thought of an interesting idea he carried on talking. “How about we do this; let’s take a picture now. You send it to Fang Jiayin and I’ll send it to Jiang Zhuoheng. Let’s guess how they would react.”

Xuxu couldn’t bear it any longer, she used all her might to push him away and jumped off the bed.

The series of actions was seamless.

She grabbed the blanket and threw it around her body before she picked up her clothes to go to the bathroom.

To have dealings with the government wasn’t an easy task and Xuxu was well aware of the fact. It would take countless attempts to succeed.

She walked out of the building and sighed heavily. Thanks to Flourish & Prosper and Yan Rusheng, she wasn’t left out in the cold but still, she was rejected politely by them.

The sun shone brightly and the piercing sun rays made her feel lost.

She had no idea what would be her next step; what did she need to do in order to help Tiny Stars Orphanage and to protect the children’s home.

Xuxu was lost in thought when a familiar voice jolted her back to the present. “Xuxu.”

The more you tend to avoid someone, the more likely you are to bump into the person at unexpected timings or places. It caught her off guard completely.

She looked at the direction where the voice sounded and she smiled lightly. “Jiayin.”

Fang Jiayin wore a tight white dress with a wine-red blazer. Her luscious straight hair rested neatly past her shoulders.

She looked at Xuxu with a graceful and natural smile, just like her personality.

She walked up to Xuxu and Fang Jiayin asked her, “Are you here regarding government-related matters?”

“Yup. How about you?” Xuxu nodded and asked her casually.

Fang Jiayin showed Xuxu the documents and materials inside the transparent folder she was holding. “I’m starting a music school specializing in violin classes, so I’m here to settle the paperwork.”

The documents contained her certificate as a musician and a qualified teacher from an established and prestigious arts institution in Country F.

“Congrats! Your dream finally came true.”

Xuxu congratulated her from the bottom of her heart.

Fang Jiayin smiled briefly. “I can only say I have no more regrets.”

Xuxu didn’t know how to feel about Fang Jiayin’s statement. Doesn’t she have any regrets when she gave up Yan Rusheng who had loved her so deeply?

But she doesn’t have the time to decipher what was on her mind. Anyway, if Yan Rusheng doesn’t chase her away, she will never leave on her own accord so that they can be together.

Her impression of Fang Jiayin wasn’t exactly that pleasant, but neither did she harbor any ill feelings towards her.

So she didn’t hate Fang Jiayin; just Yan Rusheng who had treated her so cruelly.

She retracted her thoughts and smiled back, “Then you should get going.”

She felt that there wasn’t a need for her to catch up with Fang Jiayin. Other than Yan Rusheng, both of them had nothing else in common.

“It’s nearly evening.” Fang Jiayin glanced at her watch. “I doubt that I would be able to get my stuff done today. Shall we have dinner together since we’ve bumped into each other?”

Xuxu’s first instinct was to decline but neither did she put on an awkward expression. “I’m afraid not as I’ve something on. Let’s fix another day.”

Fang Jiayin didn’t insist and nodded. “Alright then.”