Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 294

Chapter 294: She Didn't Dare To Think Anymore

Since there weren't any paparazzi here, no one would take pictures of him without his knowledge.

When she heard him say 'OK', Xuxu stared at Yan Rusheng with her eyes and mouth wide opened, seemingly startled.

Was he really that icily arrogant and pampered Yan Rusheng who had mysophobia and a malicious tongue?

The little girls were familiar with the rules of the game and had already stood in line, waiting for Yan Rusheng to piggyback them while the boys retreated to the side.

"Sister Xuxu, quickly come over and line up."

The little fellows were eagerly waving at Xuxu but she stood rooted to the ground.

Xuxu stole a glance at Yan Rusheng who was standing in front of the queue. She found it peculiar that he didn't play by the rules today.

She was still feeling baffled when she heard Yan Rusheng's voice from afar.

'Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are...'

Xuxu was astonished when she saw Yan Rusheng piggybacking little Huanhuan and walking around the field willingly.

His euphonious voice made the nursery rhyme sounded exceptionally flavorful.

Xuxu looked at his tall and large body which made little Huanhuan appeared exceptionally petite on his back. There was a smile on his face. Looking at this scene brought tears to her eyes.

The rules of the game were for Yan Rusheng to piggyback every girl and walk around the field while singing.

It's sister Xuxu's turn now."

All the little girls had taken a ride except for Xuxu. The children and he were waiting in anticipation for Xuxu's turn to arrive.

Yan Rusheng walked over to Xuxu with a mischievous smile on his face. "My wife, it's your turn."

He had been addressing her as 'my wife' these few days and this made Xuxu uncomfortable and awkward. 'You can skip my turn and don't have to piggyback me."

"It's beyond your control." Yan Rusheng replied coldly. He bent over and carried her up in a skillful but domineering way.

Xuxu's body swayed for a moment and instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck and squeaked, "Ah...Yan Rusheng."

Yan Rusheng turned and rolled his eyes at her. "Why are you hugging me so tightly and screaming so loudly? What a pity that we are not on the bed!"

This hooligan! Xuxu looked at his fair-skinned neck and without warning, bent down and sank her teeth on him."

"Ouch." Yan Rusheng let out a painful shout but he still chose to let her vent her frustration.

It was good news to him if she was willing to vent her frustrations or bore a tinge of emotions towards him. She could hit or scold him or even throw an ashtray or pillow at him.

At least, she wasn't indifferent.

Xuxu placed her bite on him for quite a while before releasing her jaws. There were deep teeth marks on his neck and any deeper, it would bleed.

She didn't utter a word after that and merely pouted her lips and let out a childish harrumph.

Yan Rusheng's tone was full of affection. "No wonder you are born in the year of the dog. The previous scar caused by your bite is still there."

As Xuxu recalled about that time where he was also badly bitten by her, her eyes reddened.

With a sniffle, she gave a curt reply, "Don't keep talking about the time of our youth. It was all in the past."

Those were all in the past? When Yan Rusheng heard the way Xuxu brushed off their past memories, his heart skipped a beat.

But he still kept his smile on his face. "We were childhood sweethearts and innocent playmates. Don't you have any thoughts about these?"

Xuxu shook her head instantly. "Not at all."

Perhaps, she would have borne some hope and anticipation before learning about the truth of grandmother's death or before the night when he yelled another woman's name while pressing her down.

But now, she didn't dare to think anymore.