Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Children Well Done

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In the past, if only he could piggyback her in the same manner and asked if she had any thoughts about the things that happened during the passage of time.

She would definitely be overwhelmed with joy and wouldn’t hesitate to say once more ‘Ah Sheng, I like you.’

But it was all too late.

Young Master Yan’s confidence had been dealt a bit blow and he felt a sharp pain in his heart. With a forced smile, he said, “I know that I’m too outstanding for a stupid woman like you.”

“Yes indeed” Xuxu smiled meaningfully.

While Yan Rusheng was carrying the little devils on his back, he couldn’t wait to get them off his back. But when it was time for him to piggyback Xuxu, he wished that the road ahead never ended.

Each time Xuxu visited the children, they would always pester her to stay for dinner before she left and it was no exception this time as well.

Hence, Yan Rusheng would also be staying for dinner inevitably.

He knitted his brows when he saw the bowl of carrots and cabbage. There was a look of distaste on his face.

Was this food meant for rabbits or human consumption?

Xuxu read his mind. She walked over to him and whispered, “Eat them and be a good role model for the children.”

“Sister, why are there red marks over there?”

All of a sudden, a child who was seated opposite her pointed to an area below Xuxu’s neck and exclaimed in shock.

Xuxu was bewildered and reached out to feel that area. “Red marks?”

She tugged at her blouse’s collar and bent her head to take a look.

Her face turned crimson immediately. There were a few red and purplish hickies below her collarbone.

She immediately pulled up her collar.

But it was too late. The children had seen them and asked with concern, “Sister Xuxu, what are those marks? Are they painful?”

“Let me give them a blow.”

A boy who was seated near her walked over to Xuxu all of a sudden and courageously offered to blow at ‘the wounds’.

Before Xuxu could react, Young Master Yan’s face turned black and stared menacingly at the boy.

You rascal, how dare you take advantage of his woman.

Then he looked at the rest of the children and gave them an innocent smile. “Those were strawberries planted by Brother-in-law. They won’t hurt.”

Little Huanhuan queried doubtfully, “Brother-in-law knows how to plant strawberries?”

“Of course.” Yan Rusheng nodded.

“Then could you plant one for Huanhuan?” Huanhuan tugged at her the collar of her blouse forcefully and revealed her chubby neck.

“Me too.”

“Me too.”

This created a sudden wave of commotion in the canteen.

“Uh!” Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched when he saw a group of children tugging at their collars and rushing towards him.

Xuxu gloated gleefully by the side.

Well done, Children!

Yan Rusheng cast a glance at her and caught her watching his predicament in interest. A gleam of shrewdness flashed across his deep-set eyes.

With his nimble hands, he grabbed Xuxu’s neck and drew her to his side. He gazed at all the children devilishly. “Let me teach you how to plant.”

With that, he lowered his head and aimed his lips at the targetXuxu’s neck and kissed it.

“Yan Rusheng, you are such a pervert. What are you trying to do in front of the children?”

As Xuxu was unable to break free from his strong grasp, she pounded on him recklessly.

For a long long time till he was almost suffocated before he let her go reluctantly.