Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Oh My God, What Did She Say Just Now?

'If you and your partner heed my advice, I can guarantee that with the medicine that I've prescribed and with three rounds of treatment, your problem will be solved"

Xuxu could no longer endure listening to the expert and she stretched out her hand to switch it off. Unexpectedly, her hand was intercepted by Yan Rusheng midway as his huge hand tightened around her slender wrist.

She raised her head and glared at him angrily. "Yan Rusheng, you're a pervert! It's not as if you're impotent."

Her words had barely left her lips when she froze in shock

Oh my god, what did she say just now? That word?

Not only had her face and neck turned red, her body seemed to be ablaze and all she wanted was to find a hole to bury herself.

It's that damned expert's fault for mentioning impotency repeatedly. It felt like a wretched curse as it lingered in her mind and made her blurt out unwittingly.

Without any warning, Yan Rusheng stepped on the brakes and the car stopped. He had a wicked grin and his deep eyes gleamed in the darkness with a lustful expression.

He unfastened his seatbelt and inched neared to Xuxu. "Hmmm you're right. I'm very normal, and furthermore"

He stretched the last syllable and Xuxu could feel his warm breath dangerously close to her as she moved away instinctively.

"Indeed, it's really normal." He lifted his eyebrows meaningfully.

Xuxu knew exactly what he meant and her face blushed once more.

Anxious, she could only cry out loudly. "Yan Rusheng, you're simply disgusting and lewd!"

How could he have a reaction just by listening to the radio?

And to her utter shock, the 'evil' word appeared in her mind once more It's that wretched expert's fault. Why didn't the country censor such a radio program and wasn't it inviting people to commit even more crimes by allowing it to be broadcast at night?

Her palms were covered with cold sweat as her body began to shiver slightly. Even though it wasn't her first time, she was still very coy and reserved when it came to such intimate matters.

Young Master Yan felt that her bashful expression was irresistibly adorable and he had the urge to make her even more shy.

Why didn't he realize how alluring and lovely she was in the past to the extent that he couldn't control his feelings for her anymore.

At the thought of it, Yan Rusheng moved forward a little and as he had planned, he managed to touch the tip of Xuxu's nose. The wicked and seductive smile remained on his face.

His deep voice sounded, "Did you hear what the expert said just now? You should be pleased and thankful that your husband is a normal man."

Xuxu heard him and her eyes darted everywhere in the car as long as she didn't have to meet the wicked-looking expression in his eyes.

She used her hands to push him away. "Don't be so shameless. We are on the road and someone might pass by."

She intended to chide him but to Yan Rusheng, it simply sounded like coquettish flirting.

"In the car" His smile resembled a blossoming poppy which was filled with evilness as he paused for a second. His seductive lips began moving once more. "I want to try it with you."


Xuxu widened her eyes with a mixture of fear and shock. "Yan Rusheng, I'm warning you. Don't you dare attempt to do anything."

She scanned her surroundings nervously; even though this road in the suburbs was quite secluded, it didn't mean that it was completely void of vehicles. And there could be villagers nearby too.

If they were caught, how embarrassing it would be.

"I have no other choice. Other than wanting you right now, there isn't anything I want." Without giving her a chance to retaliate, he kissed her rosy lips.

"Mmm Mmm." Xuxu struggled and protested with muffled sounds.