Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 298

Chapter 298: How Could You Let Me Down?

If they were caught, how embarrassing it would be.

"I have no other choice. Other than wanting you right now, there isn't anything I want." Without giving her a chance to retaliate, he kissed her rosy lips.

"Mmm Mmm." Xuxu struggled and protested with muffled sounds.

This fellow! Rascal!

Her fists landed on his back repeatedly and relentlessly.

Yan Rusheng ignored her protests and carried on with his wishes.

But he didn't stop at that. Immediately after they got home, he got to work once more by 'tormenting' Xuxu till she could hardly open her eyes. Only then did he cease.

The harder he tried, the more defensive Xuxu became.

After Yan Rusheng left to take a shower, her eyelids slowly fluttered. She climbed out of the bed and wobbled to the sofa where her bag was. She rummaged for a box of unopened medicine and swallowed it quickly.

"Stupid woman, your stamina is really horrible. You'll have to start working out day and night from now on."

Yan Rusheng came out of the bathroom just when Xuxu had finished her medicine. She stuffed the box hurriedly back into her bag and swung around to face him. She put on her usual aloof expression to conceal her guilt and fear. "You are really sick."

She slung the bag across her shoulder and strode towards the door.

Yan Rusheng grabbed her. "What do you think you're doing?"

Xuxu replied coldly. "To take a shower and sleep in my room."

Yan Rusheng raised his brow and anger flickered in his eyes. "This is our room. Which room are you going to?"

He had already acknowledged his mistake but she still insisted on throwing a tantrum. What did she want exactly?

"I'm going back to my own room." Xuxu looked askance at him and was about to leave once more.

"Seems like we can still carry on as you still have the strength to bicker with me." Yan Rusheng didn't bother to argue with her and carried her instead. He threw her on the bed and immediately crushed her tiny body with his entire weight.

He looked at her intently with a piercing stare. Xuxu tried to struggle and break free but he caught her hands. He spoke up gently. "I've already admitted my mistake. What else do you want? Huh?"

Xuxu refused to look at him. "You're not in the wrong so there's no need apologize to me."

She knew that he was referring to that night where he had taken her by force against her will. He must have realized that he had gone overboard, but he didn't realize what he had done had hurt her the most.

If he didn't, then admitting his mistake didn't seem to mean anything.

She had only one thought to bind them together till death!

"That day I went to the orphanage and saw you with Jiang Zhuoheng" Yan Rusheng stopped midway and seemed to have lost his tongue.

Xuxu was startled by his confession and she gazed at his blushing face. "You went?"

She had only gone to the orphanage with Jiang Zhuoheng once so she could recall instantly. It was that fateful night when he had banished her to the depths of suffering once more.

But she had never once thought that he would actually go to the orphanage.

"Didn't I promise to go with you on Saturday?" Yan Rusheng rebuked her with displease. Then he carried on with a hint of childishness. "But I didn't think that you had planned a rendezvous with your old lover. How could you let me down?"

His jealousy erupted like a volcano once more at the mere thought of that scene.

Xuxu frowned, utterly bewildered. "Why?"

She didn't understand him. Didn't they get married just to fulfill grandmother's final wishes? Then why should he uphold the promise that he had made to her?

Yan Rusheng was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Xuxu shook her head. "Nothing."

The reason he had taken her by force was because he saw her with Jiang Zhuoheng. He was her legal husband and he must have felt that his pride was crushed by them. That was why he decided to punish her.