Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 299

Chapter 299: The Husband Will Follow The Wife

Yan Rusheng was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Xuxu shook her head. "Nothing."

The reason he had taken her by force was because he saw her with Jiang Zhuoheng. He was her legal husband and he must have felt that his pride was crushed by them. That was why he decided to punish her.

But why did he call Fang Jiayin's name when he laid on her that night, completely drunk?

That night three years ago, she had stayed by him because she had misunderstood his intentions.

Yan Rusheng saw her eyes flickering, seemingly troubled. He gave a gentle peck on her forehead. "Don't let your imagination run wild. Since I've married you, I won't think of anyone else. You're forbidden to do so as well."

He wasn't sure if she could understand what he was trying to say.

He was afraid of rejection and he wasn't able to muster his courage for a second time if he was rejected. So this was how he had planned to profess his love for her.

'Xuxu, don't let your imagination run wild. I've given up on Yan Rusheng three years ago and I've no intention of reconciling with him"

After she heard Yan Rusheng's confession, she was instantly reminded of what Fang Jiayin had said to her in the afternoon.

Did they rehearse beforehand? Even their tone sounded so similar.

Xuxu smirked coldly as she remained quiet.

She insisted on going back to her own room and Yan Rusheng had no choice but to let her have her way.

But the next day, he brought all his belongings including his clothes and pajamas over to her bedroom.

Xuxu was still asleep when Yan Rusheng entered with his belongings. She almost lashed out at him out of frustration.

"Although this room is smaller than mine, a smaller space means it's more soundproof." Yan Rusheng quipped playfully as he surveyed the surroundings.

This warm orange wallpaper doesn't really fit Xuxu's personality. He thought to himself.

But all these were unimportant, as long as she was sleeping in the same room as him.

"Yan Rusheng, what exactly are you trying to do?" Xuxu burst out as she sat up. She was simply too exhausted yesterday so she slept without drying her hair. Her hair was in a mess after a night's sleep.

She was wearing the Doraemon pajamas which she had brought over from her own apartment.

Yan Rusheng was tickled by her appearance as he smiled affectionately at her.

His tone sounded gentle and tender but to Xuxu, it sounded devious and indecent. "Since the wife doesn't follow the husband, the husband has no choice but to follow his wife instead. Since we're here in your territory, you shall take charge in the future."

Xuxu was speechless

Even though she already knew that he was a jerk, he was also aloof and haughty at the same time.

But why was he so shameless and absolutely brazen now?

Yan Rusheng ignored her and began hanging his clothes inside Xuxu's wardrobe.

When he saw his clothes next to hers, it comforted and delighted him.

There was still a pile of work to be done at work so she simply didn't have the time to bicker with him at that moment. Xuxu decided to let him have his way and went to wash up.

They were swamped with work since they didn't manage to clear their work yesterday.

Everyone left on time, leaving only Xuxu and Yan Rusheng in the office. They were separated by a wall and neither of them had the time to even leave their desk.

Only when the lamps started lighting up on the streets did Yan Rusheng leave his desk. He opened the door and heard busy typing sounds.