Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 300

Chapter 300: You Can Look At Me In Any Way You Like

He decided not to disturb her as he crossed his arms to observe how focused and serious she was while she worked. He leaned on the door frame, waiting for her to notice him.

This was the first time he had watched her so patiently and quietly from behind as he waited for her to complete her work. To his surprise, this process was thoroughly enjoyable.

He realized that he was always fierce, impatient, and stern towards her. How he had regretted his past actions upon reflection.

Xuxu finally stopped typing as she stared at the screen. She heaved a heavy sigh of relief and mumbled to herself. "At last, it's done."

She stretched out her hand to reach for her cup and began poring over the document she had just finished.

Suddenly she realized that they was a pair of eyes staring at her and she paused.

Yan Rusheng knew that she was aware of his presence and spoke up. "Wen Xuxu, go get prepared and accompany me to a social engagement."

He strode across the room towards Xuxu.

Xuxu turned to look at him, slightly puzzled. "But you have no schedule today."

"I just fixed it." Yan Rusheng gave a curt reply as he leaned against the wall next to her desk.

Xuxu agreed with a curt response as well before she saved the document. Then she hastily arranged her stuff tidily before grabbing her bag. "I'm ready."

Today, she wore a white mid-sleeved chiffon shirt and paired it with the orange jacket she had bought with Zhou Shuang. She wore a pair of black pencil pants and black flats. It was comfortable and stylish, suitable for any occasion.

But Young Master Yan scanned her outfit and raised his eyebrows. "Change into another outfit."

"What's wrong with my outfit?" Xuxu frowned. "Even if I want to, I don't have any clothes here."

She had always taken into consideration that she might have to accompany him for schedules in the evening. Therefore, she always tried to spend some time coordinating her outfits so that it was formal enough for different occasions.

"Follow me." Yan Rusheng pulled Xuxu by her wrist and walked towards his office. He opened the door and headed straight for his bedroom.

"Why did you bring me to your bedroom?" She had been tormented for the past two nights and instinctively, fear enveloped her the moment she saw a bed. The first thought she had was to protest.

Her fear and anxiety was apparent to Yan Rusheng. "Don't worry, we are rushing for time right now. If you want it, I'll make sure you are completely satisfied when we get home tonight."

Wen Xuxu was speechless

Was this the same Yan Rusheng that she knew? Was his brain invaded by worms these two days? Why couldn't he stop mentioning about that for the past two days?

But she could rest easy after he assured her and she went into the room with him.

Yan Rusheng relinquished his grip on her hand and opened his wardrobe. He took out two outfits and threw them on the bed. "Change."

He began to unbutton his shirt.

Xuxu stared at the clothes he had just taken out and her mouth was left slightly open as a result. Wasn't this the couple outfits they had customized at the shop some time ago?

This had slipped her mind and she had completely forgotten about it till he brought them out today.

By then, Yan Rusheng had already undressed and Xuxu saw his buff body the second she raised her head. Her face started burning.

She stared at it for a few seconds before averting her eyes hastily.

Yan Rusheng wore the shirt and started buttoning unhurriedly. He quipped as he looked at Xuxu playfully, "Every part of my body is yours now. You can look in any way you like, so what's there to be embarrassed about?"