Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 302

Chapter 302: I Can Sense Jealousy

Xuxu heard the word 'radio' and the word 'impotent' sprouted in her mind instantly once more.

The radio program last night had taught her a painful lesson and she didn't want that to happen again.

With this thought, she stretched out her hand to switch it off.

'On 11 October, there will be a Charity Musical Performance at Capital City Musical Theatre by musician Fang Jiayin, who has just returned from abroad. Tickets on sale now. Log on to the organizer's website to purchase your tickets now'

Her hand paused in mid-air when she heard the commercial promoting Fang Jiayin's charity performance

Yan Rusheng observed her keenly and turned his head to gaze at her with an intense stare. He spoke casually, "Are you planning to snatch up those tickets using your phone?"

Xuxu sneered. "Do I need to? I can simply ask her for tickets and I'm sure she'll oblige."

She wasn't interested in the musical at all as she wasn't gifted in that area. In the past, she always felt like dozing off when she heard Fang Jiayin play the violin.

For the sake of Yan Rusheng, she had to pretend to look interested.

She thought of how she used to be; why was she so silly?

Yan Rusheng scoffed. "What's so good about a musical? If you like it, I can play the piano at home for you."

Xuxu clicked her tongue as she quipped, "Why do I recall someone praising Jiayin that she had played the violin really well and that he likes it very much?"

Usually, women seemed to enjoy saying one thing and mean another, but it appeared as though men did the same as well.

Fang Jiayin had left for three years and traces of her presence still lingered in his life. And he had uttered her name in a drunken stupor that night.

And now he was pretending that he didn't care at all. She really didn't know why was he acting.

Yan Rusheng grinned. "Hey why do I sense jealousy?"

"Nonsense." Xuxu rolled her eyes at him and averted her eyes to the view outside, determined to ignore him.

Yan Rusheng glared at the radio with annoyance. It was the damned radio's fault, why did they advertise about the musical.

He had himself to blame as well. Why did he turn on the radio when their journey would take less than 15 minutes? He had brought this upon himself.

They reached a grand and exclusive clubhouse and he parked the car outside it.

Yan Rusheng held Xuxu's hand as they walked into the clubhouse.

The hall was spacious and splendid and there was a garden right in the center. There was a small bridge with a stream and it resembled an ethereal paradise.

The waiter hurried towards them. "Third Master, Third Madam Yan."

This grand clubhouse was near the company and Xuxu had come here umpteen times to receive clients.

The waiter led Xuxu and Yan Rusheng to the private room.

They held hands all the way and Xuxu was wise enough to hide her unwillingness in such places where countless pairs of eyes were watching them. And the paparazzi could be among them.

If not, they might start spinning stories about them.

They reached the private room and Yan Rusheng excused the waiter. "You may leave."

"Yes, Sir," the waiter replied respectfully and bowed before leaving.

Yan Rusheng knocked on the door and a middle-aged man's voice replied politely, "Please come in."

He turned the doorknob and pushed the door. The middle-aged man was sitting on a light brown leather couch and he held a cigarette in one hand.

He was plump and bald and didn't look too likable.

The minute he saw Yan Rusheng and Xuxu, he smiled and greeted them cheerily. "President Yan, Madam Yan."