Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 304

Chapter 304: This Is Such A Coincidence

Xuxu began to get anxious as well. How dare this fellow threaten the committee secretary. He was being too rash and impudent.

How could he ask for help with such an attitude?

But she noticed Secretary Liu's ugly expression and it seemed that making threats appeared to be more effective than pleading with him.

Secretary Liu had turned purple-red with rage when Yan Rusheng interjected, "Please don't worry as I won't interfere with the process. But when it's time to attract investors, please do me a favor and let me know."

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

Being both crafty and shameless, he had executed both perfectly.

But to be honest, wasn't Yan Rusheng the most charming right now?

Secretary Liu pondered for a long while before he managed to suppress his anger and resentment and managed a slight smile. He looked at Yan Rusheng and said, "President Yan, I've noted your request. And I'll try my best to support Madam Yan."

Yan Rusheng nodded. "Thank you."

After they finished discussing, he notified the waiters to serve the food.

The waiters began serving the food.

Secretary Liu spoke up suddenly, "President Yan, I've asked my niece along to join us for dinner. She just came back from abroad and I've been too busy to meet her. And finally tonight I've some time to spare. I hope you don't mind."

Yan Rusheng smiled. "I don't mind."

Why should he mind when the matter had already been settled? He intended to finish the meal quickly and excuse themselves. So who cares how many others were joining them.

Just then, Secretary Liu glanced at the door and smiled. "She's here."

Instinctively, Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng turned towards the door and both were startled when the person appeared.

She was really fated to meet Fang Jiayin everywhere she went.

Xuxu smiled grimly and her gaze swept past Yan Rusheng's face

Fang Jiayin and him were still fated to be.

Fang Jiayin always seem to be able to shine wherever she went. She wasn't sure about the others but she was always attracted by her.

Her outfits, appearance and aura were so striking that no one could ignore her presence.

Today, she was wearing another tight-fitting black dress which ended at her ankles, paired with a pair of silvery white heels. Her perfect figure would shine if she was on the walkway and her figure was comparable to professional models.

"Uncle, am I late?" Her voice preceded her presence and she got a shock when she saw Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. "Ah Sheng, Xuxu?"

One could tell that she was really shocked and surprised by the expression on her face.

Xuxu pressed her lips tightly and nodded lightly at Fang Jiayin. "Jiayin."

When Secretary Liu saw their expressions and how they had addressed each other, he quipped in surprise, "Xiaoyin, you know President Yan?"

"We were university classmates." Fang Jiayin briefly summarized her relationship with Yan Rusheng and she began walking to the table. She pulled the chair next to Xuxu and sat down.

Secretary Liu laughed. "This is such a coincidence."

His niece and Yan Rusheng were university classmates. Judging from how she had addressed Yan Rusheng earlier on, they seemed close.

In this case, he would have ample opportunities to get close to Yan Rusheng.

The upcoming election for the post of the Committee Secretary was around the corner. Yan Rusheng was the cream of the crop amongst all the young and distinguished businessmen in the capital city. His vote was of paramount importance.

Furthermore, plenty of entrepreneurs and clients who had business dealings with Flourish & Prosper followed closely behind Yan Rusheng.