Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 306

Chapter 306: She Won't Allow Them To Reveal Their Love

Even though Yan Rusheng didn't love Fang Jiayin anymore, his pride won't allow him to forgive her so soon. Especially when he was ditched by a woman.

Yan Rusheng had no idea how Fang Jiayin managed to muster her courage to appear before him once again. And she had, on so many occasions, pretended that nothing had happened between them and had put on such a calm and composed facade.

A fleeting swift streak of awkwardness appeared in Fang Jiayin's eyes and disappeared almost instantly.

She smiled and explained, "I browse the local news quite often."

"No wonder." Yan Rusheng didn't conceal the contempt in his voice. "Seems like Miss Fang is very patriotic and constantly checks our country's news regularly."

Wen Xuxu was speechless

Indeed, this haughty man's pride was untouchable. If he nabbed a chance to retaliate and to take offense, he would definitely make his enemy pay.

But he still obviously loved her, why did he attack someone he loved?

Wasn't he worried that his pride might push her further away once more?

She glanced askew at Fang Jiayin. She was indeed much stronger than she had imagined. Yan Rusheng had mocked her maliciously but her expression remained unchanged.

"Ah Sheng, are you mocking me?" Fang Jiayin frowned and sounded as though she was hurt by his remarks. But her expression didn't seemed to reflect her sadness at all.

No one could fathom her thoughts.

Xuxu was stuck in the middle between them and the words they exchanged went past to and fro.

She was tired simply from listening to their banter. "Sorry, I need the ladies."

She rose and nodded at Secretary Liu sitting opposite, and left the room.

Would they be more comfortable and honest if she wasn't in the room?

She wouldn't give him up. But preventing them from interacting and meeting was not something that she would do.

Yan Rusheng, in this lifetime you have to fulfill grandmother's last wishes and let your conscience prick you. You have to endure the pain of denying your beloved woman the title of your legal wife.

But for now, she wouldn't allow them to reveal their love.

Yan Rusheng watched as Wen Xuxu left the room. He knew that she wasn't going to the toilet and had merely conjured an excuse.

He was frustrated by her action; did this woman have the wrong idea about them again?

Apparently she wasn't jealous of them.

So did she leave to give him and his ex-girlfriend space so that they could be alone?

This damned woman. They had consummated their marriage and so many days had gone past. She had still insisted on pushing him away without a second thought about their marriage.

The more he thought, the more vexed he became. He sent Wen Xuxu a text: "Seems like I didn't shower you with enough 'love' these few days, since you've time and effort to think of other stuff."

At this time, Secretary Liu who had just finished making a call, walked up to them with an apologetic expression. He said, "President Yan, I'm so sorry. I have some urgent stuff to settle and I need to leave now."

Young Master Yan's mind was fixed on Xuxu and simply didn't pay any notice to him at all.

Even if he wasn't leaving so soon, he was planning to excuse himself and Xuxu.

"Secretary Liu, please go ahead." He nodded at Secretary Liu and glanced at him briefly. Then he turned back to his phone.

He waited for Wen Xuxu's reply.

"Jiayin, I'm leaving first. Come visit your aunt when you're free." Secretary Liu picked up his bag and bade Fang Jiayin goodbye.